Monday, July 12, 2010

Fast Forward to Spring of the Oh-Ten

My triumphant introduction to running did little to fuel my desire to hit the pavement and torment myself needlessly. I would love to claim that post -November race I changed my slovenly ways and went out for some serious marathon training.
I Did Not.
I went about my business per the norm, after spending close to a week with very sore running muscles. I was deeply offended by this as I have some athletic prowess (in that completely unrelated field..) Deep down in my heart I knew I deserved every sore muscle that I had as that's what you get for gallivanting around trying to out run the masses a week after you turn 30.
Fast forward a few months. We had one of those winters that was more like a speed bump and less like the death on Mount Everest that we are accustomed to. The roads were calling! The magic hour had arrived!! Not.. However, I did feel a slight urge to train a tiny bit, put in a modicum of effort and see if perhaps I could work up the guts to do another race an improve my results/partially crippled post race state. (and honestly, despite the good solid effort I put in there was nowhere to go but up.... Especially in the OMG I'm so sore I'm gonna drink a lot of Jameson, pop a handfull of Advil and perhaps die soreness.)
I found a very friendly looking all ladies 5K fairly close to where I live- (which is in the middle of east bum nowhere.) I had about 10 weeks to whip myself into reasonable shape. Being the world's best geek I did a bit of snooping on the interwebs and stumbled across the infamous Couch to 5K training plan. I am hardly a sedentary person and the only part of me that is a couch potato is my lazy ass brain. I'm not one to reinvent the wheel so I figured that I'd give it a go, and perhaps make some little modifications along the way (maybe I don't reinvent the wheel but I march to the beat of my own drum. Hey-OH!)
Part of the inspiration for this MOST EXCELLENT blog was the series of workout notes that I took (on's free training log. Pure fricking genius, people...) For my next episode of Middle Aged Runner I will (over) share my introduction to running, torment, couch to 5K (and the subsequent separation from said couch...)

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