Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My thoughts on making excuses: I don't like them!

Before I continue on with my details of training for 5K fabulocity I want to pause for a moment, climb aboard my trusty soapbox and give a rant for the ages. Come to think of it, I don't much care for the word "rant" and would prefer to say that this is my public service announcement for the year. Or a chance for me to make fun of myself whilst airing my views on many things.

I have been involved in competitive sports for the past 20 years and have since coached, trained and harassed people in order to encourage them to avoid epic mediocrity and/or ultimate suckage. That being said I attempt to set a fine example by not whining (too much) about working hard, and basically just getting out there, kicking ass and showing people what the eff is up. (and I obviously refer at this time to my prowess in my other line of work/sport and NOT to my freakishly unspeedy running skillzzzz.)

What I CAN NOT STAND is the excuse making that I hear. A few fine ones:
"It is to hot"
"It is to cold"
It is too windy"
"It is not windy enough" (what?)
"Last week on Tuesday I may or may not have stubbed my toe and that is why, today, I am having trouble with my right arm coordination"
"I am too busy/too tired/sleep deprived/have to do my taxes/have to let my dog out" (JOIN THE CLUB!)

If you choose to do something, do it. Get up early, make the time, and don't complain. Or take some ownership for your lazies, because we all have them and I am the queen of feeling good and slothlike but still going and out and giving it my best shot. If you want a candy bar eat it because you want it, not because "I have my period sooo bad..." If you need to take a day off from training do it, don't say "well.... I really wanted to go our and (fill in appropriate activity here) but I was sooo busy and then the cat vommed all over the rug, and then it was just sooo late....." Be truthful with yourself because while lying might make you feel better for point two seconds why bother with it? (I know why, it is a rhetorical query.)

Heavens! It is time for all of us to cease with the silly little lies and take responsibility for our laziness (I like to be lazy!), or poor performance (it happens, but rarely if you prepare well!), or lousy donut eating beer swilling habits (I love donuts and beer and I eat/drink them because I love them! WHOOT!)

When I talk to people in regards to the sport that I do professionally, and they are curious to know how I have developed the knack of having ice water run thru my veins in competition, I say that it all boils down to one thing. Having trained well, consistently and thoroughly- being prepared enough so that the nerves don't sneak in and make the excuses come out! And eating a good breakfast, preferably of donuts...

I try really hard to take my basic feelings of motivation with me when I'm having a splendid failure of a running day and all I can think of is how nice it would be to find a roadside bench, sit upon it and drink a 20 ounce beer. When my left foot refuses to go in front of my right foot and I mull over how it MUST be from the time last week when I smacked my right thumb (I digress) I shake it off, slap myself silly and remember that running is not hard! HELLS no! And then I run faster, in order to get home quickly to sit down, eat snacks and be as lazy as I can be!

And that, is my PSA for the DAY.


  1. So, I think I entirely agree with you about not making excuses -- but I'm excited for the first day I have to run in the rain so I can put my (potentially cardboard) convictions to the test.

  2. NTKOG. In several days I will have a thrilling blog post about my monsoon running experience. I was a sight to behold, let me tell you...

    I love to make excuses, but I try to do it in the privacy of my own odd headspace. **sigh**

  3. Agreed. Sometimes you just have to take that first step and go for it.