Thursday, April 12, 2012

In which many running questions are answered...

Hey look! Another picture of me looking dejected... Caught by the running paparazzi looking as though I'm about to hurl upon my shoes. (I'm not actually. people who as as awesome as I am simply can not be bothered to blow massive chunks upon their purple kicks. ahem...)
I had just finished up a 10 miler, which simply should not be a big deal. BUT. IT. WAS. It was essentially a death march and I was in NO way pumped about it. YUCK. (running, we are in a big fight today...)
But I digress.
This is kind of a bonus post for this week but I thought the most recent round of pictures present the opportunity to answer a few pressing quesitons.
(question "a" being "did you vom" a: NO..)

Q: How many miles does it take for me to consider a run to be legit? As in, worth slapping on 3 horribly conflicting shades of purple for (gahd woman, get a mirror.)
A: While I might be saying 10 in this picture since that I what I managed to get my stupid jerk legs to haul me thru yesterday the answer to this question is 6. I have a profound dislike for wasting perfectly good (semi clean, even) (and color coordinating!) running attire on anything less than that...
Q: Man Sara, you clearly love to run! You must always feel so awesome about it! Puppies! Kittens ! Rainbows! Freaking unicorns!
A: (eff off)
Just kidding. Just kidding. (but really, eff off..!) Look at my FACE. Do I look pumped? Do I look FAB? NO! Honestly though, I like running 99% of the time. The other 1% I hate its guts and think that running is the biggest ass**** that I have the pleasure of knowing.
And bonus Q since I have heard this one 300 times this week:
Q: How did you manage to go from a 1:51 1/2 to a 1:36 1/2 in TWO weeks??
A: I didn't. Not at all. The truth of the matter is that 1:45 was where I was comfortable before last Saturday (which, while awesome wasn't exactly cozy comfy awesome sauce...) But here's how:
-I worked long and hard and (that's what she said...)
-I was shamed into speed work. At Hampton my running friend pointed out the painful obvious that if I did it I'd get used to it. Fricking revalation there for Miss Genuis.... Oy! PALM! FOREHEAD!
-I'm running a lot. Period.
-Rather simple, and (sadly) no shortcuts or magic elixer (but if you have one I'll take it...)
On a side note: I had a whole post prepped to talk about that super cute new Nike ad (the "I'll run to you ad) but can't imbed the video link. Anyway- it's all over the interwebs so go watch it and get the warm and fuzzies. (or the crabby and hatefuls, depending on how you roll...)


  1. Ya I don't know why everyone uses unicorns as a happy symbol.....I think dragons need to be the new unicorns, as unicorns are lame ;)

    I wish I could run right now...I'd give anything to run 6 miles right now!!!!

    ....Loved the pics and the question/answers LOL

  2. I wish I could run where theres a trail and an abundance of trees! Lucky! Actually, I really wish I could run at all right now. I'll have to live vicariously through your almost vomit-inducing 10 miler haha.

    Sometimes those longer runs are TORTURE! During them I always say "why the hell do I run? I hate running". Afterwards I always talk about how good I feel and how much I love running. Weird love-hate relationship we have. I'd say its more on the side of love, though :)

    PS. Love that new Nike ad!

  3. The first time I ran 6 miles I felt like a "real" runner. No offense to anyone you runs less, that's just what it felt like for me. It's true too, anything less and I feel like I've wasted a perfectly good outfit!

  4. I think you look great in the pics even the first one. Just shows you worked hard. I'm going to go look for the Nike ad.

  5. What kind of stuff do you do for speedwork?

    In terms of runs, I can do an 8 mile run and feel like a giant half asser, and then do a three mile run where I feel like Queen of my Legs. I think it really boils down to how hard I push myself.

    1. I really rock the tempo run- I've been upping the mileage and the speed for those. I have also become recommited to mile repeats... Mile repeats are assholes....!

  6. You crack me up! Funny writing voice! You really have made some killer improvement. A 1:36 is awesome!! Also, you should see what I wear for my 4 mile loop. It's gravel and remote and most definitely not worthy of the classy clothes that I wear to the gym.....