Friday, April 27, 2012

This week: Fail!

This was the weather this week.
I had to wear my cousins boots that he left here because my mud boots have holes.
These boots are 4 sizes too large.

The weather was awful to run in. I've managed a pitiful 13 miles so far...

I do have a long run planned for Sunday so stay tuned!

I was also chosen to ride in a very important clinic this weekend (this would be horse stuff...) Imagine playing a round of golf with Phil Mickelson. Yep, like that.
(but no golf involved....!)


  1. Heyy, no treadmill to avoid all this mess? lol Although I dread it veeeeery much, sometimes I think it might me a necessary evil hahaha d:
    I wish it'd rain here... every day they say it's gonna rain but no sign at all of it :( I just love love love rainy days (I mean once in a while, obviously lol)

  2. We are supposed to have rain 5 out of 7 days this week. What sucks is the weather is supposed to be in the upper 70's at the same time. Dang it! Let's hope rain is less, or I'll need boots, too.

  3. dude... a little bit of rain is NOT going to kill you...

    13 miles is better than no miles. please tell me when our long run is together (aka next sunday, perfect. k bye)


    1. Dude, I wish! But I'm guilty of baseball love and going to a Sox game... And honestly the rain is a pitiful excuse. Work has been off the hizzy! BUT I have a LONG run tomorrow that will double this weeks mileage for sure! Thanks for the kick in the pants :-)

  4. Who is the clinic with? Back in my day, I did clinics with George Morris and Ronnie Mutch, but that was about a bazillion years ago. Now, I have to live the horsey life vicariously through you.....
    Good luck on your long run!!

    1. You were a H/J rider! Big names there- good for you... :-)
      My clinic was with with Shannon Dueck- she's amazing and almost sure to be on the Canadian Dressage Olympic team. My coach trains with her full time in Wellington during the winter so I'm lucky to get good help on the regular. This was great though- Shannon trains with Carl Hester who is truly amazing. Great clinic all around- lots of positive feedback!