Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Melting at the Marathon!!

Oh, has anybody heard?? IT WAS HOT ON MONNDAYYY! BOOM!
I went to the city for RACE DAY... I was excited as it was my first time ever, marathon spectator virgin here!

Do we really need to hear any more about the heat? Nah, we all know it sucked big time- just watching people run by left me horribly hot and sweaty, Poor me...
Per post race discussion with running friends we concluded that by next year the following will be infamous (yes, INFAMOUS. like Hitler.) For the following:
-It was 110 degrees
-200 people died
-Several have yet to be found....
Tragic, really. It was quite hot though, and I was not unhappy to be sedentary on the sidelines!
I made it to the city on Sunday and scooted around the expo (which was pretty fabulous if I do say so myself.)

Best thing about being the LAST person to walk in the expo door is that is is pretty damn quiet. I bumped into to a few other interwebbers who were clearly excited to slog around in the 314 degree temps, can't say I blame them (what's not to love about prepping to run on a heinous day!!)
They couldn't hang out for long so I was able to do some serious (read: budget...? kinda) expo shopping. Purchases to be righteously revealed in a later blog. I just wish to take a moment to (once again) thank Lululemon and their outrageously priced gear for making me feel well dressed and almost feminine.
So what did I do for a few 85 degree hours atop the GREEN MONSTER with my famous (NOT infamous) running friend (running friend. sports friend? friend friend whatevs...) Red Sox bitches, that's what. Have I mentioned that I'm a fan and that the only thing that could possibly have distracted me from the pagentry, vomiting, and general mayhem of the marathon portion of Marathon Monday would have been a game? Well, it happened and it was the bomb dot com. (they lost. booo suckahs..) But seriously. Look at that view! Have a heart attack! Be jealous of me because I am awesome (well. my friend is. I wasn't the one who made this happen.)
.....and it's impossible to say why the pics got all tiny at this point. WHY, pictures? WHY!.......
Me sans running attire. It does happen on occasion. Marathon in the BACK, Fenway in the FRONT. Huh, is that like a sports mullet? It is indeed.
Post game there was some serious Marathon watching to do. (see below for picture. having more formatting issues here, meh.) Everyone looked fresh and chipper at mile 25 or so! I 'm not sure if I have ever seen such a cool, calm and collected bunch of runners.... Seriously everyone- these old legs would have given up around mile 0.2 so way to rock it. Not awesome conditions at all...
Walked a mile or so to chill with some actual hardcore runners in the general vicinity of the finish (lots o' foot traffic, not moving very fast...) They looked a bit broken and drained but not half bad all things being taken into consideration...! (I had a more fun day then they did, I expect!)
Somehow despite the wretched conditions I left with some serious race envy and a bit of motivation to get there myself. Probably because I was happily sitting in the shade slogging beer all day and was hence, oblivious to the pain/suffering....
I'm Crazy. But we already knew that!


  1. Can't wait to see the Expo purchases. It's a good one esp. if you're there at the end for big discounts.

  2. Hahaa "sports mullet", love it! So cool that you were able to go for marathon weekend, I'd love to one day. Heard its awesome! I can't wait to see your expo purchases... I LOVE expos and always spend wayyy too much at them.

  3. I"m staying in York.
    I am a bit worried about the weather being too rainy.
    Have you done the Shipyard Old Port Half? That is one on my maybe list - depending on what else is happening - list for this summer?

  4. Go for it! It really is the best marathon experience you can ever have, even in the craptastic conditions we had this year. Thanks for being out there--the spectators played a really important role this year for all of us!