Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running with my BFF or... Fashion FAIL!

Warning: If you do not wish to witness possibly the worst fashion that this blog has ever seen shut 'er down now.
Prepare to experience feelings of jealousy in my/our ability to dress ourselves. Or, feelings of horror/nausea!

This is my BFF. Since I am the Pied Piper of the running world here in the lovely vicinity of my-town Maine she has taken to chasing me around lately.
I get that a lot....
Because I am fun. Well dressed. hip. And shout NO STOPPING!!!
Which the BFF is clearly delighted about. Silly girl.
Would ya look at that little subtle gesture..... (just look at it!)

I'm not soing to lie and say that this outfit was an accident.
Oh no, a challenge was thrown down (not by me! oh no!) to put together the most heinous, rape repellant, clashing, eyeball burning outfit that could be managed.
I win.
Look at our muscles. Want tickets to the gun show??
Oddly, we both look to be about to punch ourselves in the faces. That's weird...

Man do we ever look good.
BFF has only been running for a few weeks so has had little time to assemble dreadful looking running attire. Once she becomes used to high mileage weeks she'll start buying everything off the last-years-worst-color bargain rack. Like yours truly...
I honestly want to cover my eyes when I look upon what I am wearing. That is the worst thing that I have ever seen. BFF looks straight off the fashion page compared to me- UGH HAHA!

Off we run! EPIC! BFF is about to run her FIRST 5K NEXT WEEKEND!!!!
Very proud of her and actually seriously pissed off that I'm busy and can't run by her side. I'm sure she'll kick it in the teeth though becasue she's a badass mo' fo'...!! Love her face...


  1. I like her striped shorts! I'd wear those!

  2. I always grab weird stuff for morning runs with absurdly bright colors. There's nothing like hot pink shorts and a neon yellow tank to wake you up!

    Good luck to your BFF next weekend!

  3. Those striped shorts are interesting. I've stopped trying to look good and started trying to be super visible to cars. I think from that perspective, you both win!

  4. Maybe wearing odd combos of running stuff would make me run faster! I need to try that!

  5. I've never seen shorts like those striped ones.. very unique. Definitely an eye-catcher! Good luck to her on her first 5K!! The first one is usually the most memorable!

  6. I love you both! And your outfits!! Good luck in your race Angie!! Muah! xo

  7. Love you guys and your hilariously "rape repellent" clothes...BUT...just you wait...if and when...and it will be husband and I move back to maine, you two mo' fo's better be afraid...very, very, afraid... mwuah ha ha haha!!

  8. Wow your best friend is gorgeous!! you should post/write more about her face. She clearly loves you to pieces more than you know!!

    1. My best friend is pretty much a supermodel. Too bad she's such a pain in my butt... :-) I'm sure that "she" will be a regular guest star on the blog when I'm not busy writing about how great and fabulous I am.... Ohhhhhh.