Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Pimpin' Training, 95 Days to go!

The Theme for the upcoming Marathon Of Insanity is...
BIG PIMPIN' (glad to have such a logical theme)

Big Pimpin. The way I roll.
What? Since WHEN???
Since now? Yeah!

Nice gloves there ya tool.... 10 miles. OK
How I felt about the first 5... UGH...
 I haven't bothered running any farther than 13.1 since that 16 miler that I did in NH back in.... January? Dudes, that was so long ago that I don't even remember how it played out (that's a complete lie. I remember every step.)

Time to man up around here if I intend to run 26.2 mother trucking miles in 14 weeks and not embarass myself terribly. Which could happen even if I do train like a boss. I embarass myself on a daily basis because I'm pretty much an clumsy doofus....!

It was a pretty great day to run- 49 degrees and downright damp. Hence, the tights made a comeback along with gloves that probably belong to one of my second grade students. I wore my rainy day shoes which have 1200 miles on them (no lie) and my feet are a rather bloody mess now- bad choice (will remember that...)

The first 3 miles were an agonizing death march. Just awful. Legs junk. I felt incompetent. Inept. Impotent, even... Downright dreadful. Appalingly agonizing. Horribly Horrendous. I could continue indefinately with the alliteration but will cease in order to try to keep everyone from unfriending me.

What the hell? OK here's the hell: Had a long week. It was not that fun. Kinda tired... Wore heels last night for a long-ish time and that always kills me... Had almost 2 days off (early, early run on Friday- this run was on Sunday mid-Day). Took a bit just to get going but THEN, things were GOOD. Like, really good considering that 15 miles is about 14 too many no matter how you look at it! I was pretty pleased with clumsy, uncool self. Went home and sat on some frozen veg and contemplated my fabulocity (that line of though lasted point two seconds then I thought geeky thoughts about nerdy things per the norm...)


I might be able to do this.



  1. I laughed when you said "15 miles is about 14 too many..."

    Good job getting it done. :-)

  2. Oh 14 weeks is plenty of time to get in marathon-ready shape! You can do it!

  3. I hate the first few miles. They are painful. Good job!

  4. You will be able to do anything! You are rocking your training :)

  5. Well, that is just pretty awesome if you ask me! And that outfit is Da Bomb.

  6. You already have a great base, 14 weeks is enough for you. You'll do great!

    The first few miles usually always suck for me, so you aren't alone in that.

  7. You can do this, becuase you totally rock girl!!!!

  8. there is no might.....
    you CAN do this for sure. 100%

    first 2 miles I always hate them...I always think I should just turn around...and then some miracle usually happens and I dont!