Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In which I show you how to master the recovery run... And fashion?

Post Legendary Half Marathon I thought it seemed wise to dress in my finest, expose (once again) a modicum of my horribly heinous pale legs and hit the road for a recovery run. As you can see, I was so sore and tired (not to mention nastily full due to gorging on Easter candy) that my heart was, perhaps, not in it. Drama, much??
Apparently I went from crying to my sister's dog to beating fists upon her island. Just to clarify: This is NOT head/desking (which is truly an expression of extreme frustration.) This is simply fist/islanding and is rather self indulgent.
I thought that maybe the best choice would be to bail on the run and just steal some beers. So tempting, as beer really washes away the taste of about 12 pounds of cadbury eggs and sour jelly beans. Snap, my poor belly.... I also thought that a beer or two paired with a righteous fistful of advil might help to quell my upper butt and calf pain...
Upper butt pain. Yeah, go ahead and take a LOOK AT IT. That's my butt. Thanks go to Lululemon for making it internet friendly... And sweet baby Geezus, would ya check out my damn calf muscles. Good gravy! Why can't I balance those things out with some bigger boobs???
I sucked it up and ran 6 miles. So slowly. Molasses in January is damn speedy compared to my laborious lumberings and tedious trundlings.... UGHHHH. Then I spent some quality Easter time icing the HAAA-YOUGE legs and (finally) drinking a beer.
And THAT is how to do a recovery run up right!


  1. Silly girl :)
    I bet your slow as molasses is MY fast pace! :)

  2. Pretty sure beer has been documented as a good recovery drink--who needs chocolate milk?

  3. I think I ate my body weight in Cadbury mini eggs this weekend, so I know how you feel!