Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Fashion

The weather makes me feel like this:
That is not a good thing by the way.
The Huz dislikes my hat and says it makes me look like Toadstool from Super Mario. I tell him to kiss my Toadstool behind.
Ah well, despite my cranky pants face and obvious freckles (sigh) I dodged the snowflakes, donned my fleecy knickers and went for a good old fashioned run in the inclement weather. I found that by keeping my lady bits warm (HA!) and using my 70 cent purple gloves as Kleenex (ewwww) I was able to stay fairly happy on my little adventure. I kicked it up a teensy notch and turned my out-and-back route into a lollipop. Total mileage about 4.5 miles in the 34 degree nasties.
While putting on my shoes I noticed a particularly lovely and ladylike crack in my heel. It was jagged and bloody, a real testament to my moisturizing habits not to mention my sweaty feet. I am a lovely and charming woman, and my huz needs to recognize how lucky he is to sleep next to my alligator skinned body every night. At least I take off the spotty hat, right?
It appears that we're in for a couple good days in a row so I am filled with joy and motivation. About to break into song, Ah la Disney style and skip down the road kicking up my (cracked) heels with songbirds and fluffy bunnies in my wake. Or maybe I'll just go for a few good runs like normal people?


  1. AWESOME RUN!! It really is all about keeping those lady parts warm:)
    I am glad you think about chocolate while you run too. You look adorable in your hat....grumpy face and all:)

  2. P.S. That is awesome that you are the BOSS!!! Even better that you work with your bestie during the summer. Happy birthday a few days late:)

  3. Ha Ha, that hat DOES make you look like toadstool, and I like it!
    I don't know, I'm really jealous of your snowy run. I love the soft crunch of snow under my feet. Big snow flakes landing on my nose, it's just pure joy! Maybe deep down you love it?

  4. I love your hat! Sounds like a great run! Looks cold! Happy to find you blog. Hope to catch up on it in a minute.

  5. LOL!! You're funny :) Your HUZ doesn't realize you NEED to look crazy with your toadstool hat so people won't mess with you when you're out running. Not to mention, the magenta polka dots are reminiscent of reflectors, so cars will veer AWAY from you! I used to be on the safety patrol in elementary school...does it show? ;)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)