Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm awesome and clearly an elite athlete!

Not that I'm bragging or anything (yeah right) but I firmly believe that you should all be proud to know me.

Yesterday, in very questionable conditions (meaning, slush and shiznit all over the roads) I ran 6.3 miles. YES I DID SUCKERS.

Did I mention that I'm awesome?? Oh yes, I expect so.

This was done over a mountain, per the norm.

In a staggering (HAH) time of 51.45. Fairly solid for a first effort at the 10K distance, over Mount Kanchenjunga in the SNOW. I guess I could stand to pick up the pace just a hair but really- I'm old, slow and decrepit. So there.

Anyhoo!! Merry Christmas to me! Running a 10K (race) was one of my goals for the Oh-Ten but I think it's legit to say mission freaking accomplished.

I believe I should add that there was no weeping involved, no vomming, no walking and most of all no sore muscles in the aftermath.


  1. Nice job!!! That is the one race distance I have never ran, I need to put that on my goal list for next year. Oh, and I also have a goal of a 21 something 5K!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. That's awesome. And super fast compared to some of us! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!