Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another post that has nothing to do with running.

We all read running blogs for the non running chit chat, correct?

I was trying to remember why I like living here and who even likes the snow, I mean REALLY? WHO? Then I remembered who.

This Guy! My best friend! Worlds cutest Doggie!

"My Mom says I'm slow but I'm NOT! I'm speedy and graceful with my mouth of snow, I have legs like a gazelle and the heart of a champion! And epic coordination!!"

WHOOPS!!! So much for that elegant and graceful way of running....

Too bad that I don't enjoy the winter as much as Mister Rufus does. He gets pretty pumped about the whole mess and runs around like a crazy pants yelling "BALL! BALL!" like a weirdo. Love his little face.....
(I guess I run around like a weirdo too though, screaming CANDY! CANDY! BEER! PIZZA!" so perhaps it runs in the family, How disturbing.)

Anywhoo. Back on topic tomorrow with stories of mileage in the frozen Death On Mount Everest weather conditions!


  1. He is absolutely adorable...I might kid nap him:) Love the face plant. I run around screaming candy and pizza too ha! Thank you for the kind comment you left me:) You always make me happy! Can't wait for more stories of how ridiculously cold it is ha!

  2. My kids would love to romp in the snow with your pooch!
    They've never seen snow!

  3. OMG-just looking at XLMIC's comment. Kids have never seen snow-craziness!!!

    Cute dog! I love labs! I'm laughing at your last post! Great facial expression and HOT bomber hat! Weather was actually beautiful here today but I didn't even run. Funny how that works....