Monday, December 27, 2010

The final countdown. Part Two?

My 10K Race is on Saturday. Hmmmmmm.

What have I done to prepare for this ridiculous adventure? Well, I have run more and run longer distances. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for success then I'm some kinda dumbass (possible.) I plan to pen a bestselling 10K training plan with a similar name. I'm thinking:

"Run more, Run longer, Dumbass!"

Sounds like a winner to me! I'll have a first edition giveaway on here sometime after Oprah gives me my own TV show based on my fabulocity.

OK, back to reality. I ate a bunch of over processed junk food on Christmas that really gave me the nasties yesterday. I never quite remember how healthfully I eat until a platter of reheated sodium filled full of nitrates appetizers is shoved into my belly.... THEN it occurs to me that my normal diet is like a little slice of heaven. Oh Well. I imagine that I will survive to eat another chicken wing (just not for a while, thanks.)

I got bored on Christmas so I took a nice little run. It has been so long since my mileage has been under 4 miles that I had forgotten how it felt to run a 3-ish miler, And how did it feel? Torrmential! But shorter so the torment was wrapped up quickly... I think 3 miles might be my least favorite distance, especially in 20 degree temps. I barely warm up and the BOOM! Done.

So anyhoo, I'm trying to ride out the blizzard of the century here and am not loving it. What shall I call it... Snowmageddon? A Blizzaster? Either way running on the road is OUT and driving to the gym would result in me having to run on the road anyway- to find somebody to haul the Corolla out of a ditch. BOO! Stupid winter.

We should all cross our fingers for better weather so I can put in a few more pre 10K miles before Saturday. I know I can run a 5K on legs that have not seen the light of day (or the pounding of the pavement) in a week- but I'm iffy regarding the chances of having the same luck with the longer distance.

....but from the looks of things I might just get to test that theory, LUCKY ME......


  1. I'd totally buy that training plan! It's supposed to warm up this week, so hopefully you can get some mileage in without all the snow.

  2. Craziness! I love a 3 miles run! So simple & quick!
    I think everyone I know ate garbage over Xmas.. I know I did, blaagghh, no good.
    I hope you're able to get your runs in despite the snow!