Friday, December 3, 2010

Bad legs! Bad!

I imagine that we've all had those days....
The sun is shining, the rain washed away all the pesky snow, the stars are aligned perfectly for what you expect to be the best run ever!!! Then you get out there and suck, sucksucksuck. BOOOO!

An actual conversation that I had with my legs yesterday:
Me- HELLO? Anybody home down there? Because it feels like I'm running on concrete blocks, not legs.
Legs- Eff you dude.
Me- Seriously? After all I've done for you? You can woman up and get me around this 4.5 mile loop without such drama.
Legs- Nope... Don't think so. Maybe you can drop me off at the corner and I'll get a ride home.

That was the story of my day yesterday. Coming off 3 of the most stressful work days that I've had possibly ever things weren't working quite the way they should. I was so exhausted that I considered skipping my run altogether and sitting on my Mom's couch eating toast and whining. Alas, this was not an option as my Mom is not interested in my 31 year old whining (WHY?? MAN!!!)

In the long run, the run of torment helped me to feel better (which I knew going into it) and I then had a more productive afternoon than I had expected. (well. I knew it was going to be busy regardless- I just enjoyed it more.)

It's interesting to me that I notice body issues related to stress so much while running. I have been an athlete for years and have always been able to power thru any situation- broken tailbones, cracked ribs, busted noses, torn muscles, days of sleeplessness (weeks actually- I had whooping cough 3 years ago and after 3 weeks of being deathly ill I figures that I had been sleeping less than 1 hour per night. niiiiiice.) I have been able to overcome many obstacles and have rarely paid them any mind so you all can imagine my surprise that 3 days of work stress is so noticeable when I hit the road for a silly little run. Humph.

The good news? Things are looking up in the work department, the weather is going to be acceptable thru the weekend and I have a huge loaf of english muffin bread to eat for the next couple days. That alone is enough to make me feel like superwoman!


  1. Love your title and LOVE the conversation you had with your legs. I am so sorry about your last three stressful days! I can't believe you have had so many sicknesses/injuries...whooping cough what??? Stress totally effects every ounce of me. That bread sounds amazing, enjoy:)

  2. BAHAHA I loved your list of favorites. Ponies, my students, puppies, ice cream...we are so alike:)

  3. LOL @ your conversation with your legs. Too funny. Sorry it wasn't a good run though. You know there's plenty of good runs to come!