Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad Running Conditions (probably part one)

No negative repercussions form the 4 miler on Turkey Day Possibly because it took me 5 hours to run it, but more likely because I'm in slightly better shape than when I last raced.

Feeling rather.... buoyant... after gorging on pie, etc on Thanksgiving and all the surrounding days I planned a good solid run on Saturday morning. The weather had a completely different idea and it blizzarded with reckless abandon, sending cars careening off my road and keeping me the eff off them. Still fully treadmill-less I trudged over to my sisters to use her bike. A stationary one, obvi since the roads were covered with snow and frozen ice death cookies. It was a different, and sweaty kind of workout but a good one. I think I worked off a great deal of gravy in the process and did something productive on a day of disgusting weather. (A good day to hide inside, read and eat more pie. OH NO! Must STOP!)

Sunday was better in the weather department. Let's all remember that better is relative- meaning that while it was not a horrible snow squall it was 32 degrees, windy and the roads had not exactly recovered. Regardless, I put on my big girl britches and headed out for a few cold, dangerous and adventurous miles. UGH. My feet did not freeze because I put on winter socks. I put big fluffy fleece knickers on under my tights and put shorts on over them. And a t-shirt and a fleece. Gloves. Hat. DOOM.

The quest for a treadmill is still on and I'm feeling a touch discouraged as every used treadmill seems to be from 1456 and new ones with decent warranties and ratings are freaking 1500 dollars. Maybe that's not much for a gosh darn elite marathon runner but it is for me. Needless to say, the quest is still on for the correct equipment to get me thru the winter.
We'll see what the weather brings for this week. If nothing else I will continue to get a heckuva workout walking to my fridge to collect Thanksgiving leftovers.

.... By the way, I kid. I am freakishly active. I'll post eventually about my normal job- but it's no sitting at a desk, let me tell you.....


  1. HaHa, your winter adventures are funny to read :)
    Keep looking at CraigsList, eventually a good treadmill deal with pop up..

  2. You are a champ to run outside in that. Good luck with the treadmill hunt. I know that buoyant feeling oh too well after last week ha!
    I really like the ending of lost but my husband didn't Did you? We are so alike...dessert should be the end of every meal.
    Thanks for the sweet comments, you made me so happy!

  3. I can't imagine not having my treadmill even though I have an extreme HATE relationship with it at times. Nice work tackling the elements! I am seriously wondering why I made a logical adult decision to live here right now...SO cold!! Good luck on the treadmill hunt and nice work on the Thanksgiving race (just catching up here)!