Friday, November 12, 2010

I AM: Going to be a 10K winner. Or finisher?

Well, I did it.

Signed up for my first 10K, Jan 1st 2011 in Lowell Mass.
(completing my 2010 goal 12 hours late. Damnit!)

Asking the running Gods to kindly send me some good weather, won't be able to get there in a nor'easter. Wicked. Pissah. All fetched up. (insert some cliche saying from up Nawth heyah.)

I'm relying on all of you interwebbers to tell me that I'm going to be fine and will not fail horribly, vom on my shoes, or take 3 hours to finish.

Oh dear. I'm nervous already....


  1. GIRL!!!! You got this race! You are going to rock it! I am so so excited for you and there better be good weather!!
    Loved your ice cream combos...I can't imagine being 40 minutes away from one but that would probably be good for my bank account!
    Have a great weekend and I am so excited for you!

  2. You are going to be fine, won't fail horribly, vomit on your shoes or take 3 hours to finish! LOL! Congrats on making the commitment! Good Luck!

  3. you can do this! if I can anyone can!! and if you think 30 is middle aged..well then I am a dinosaur!!!