Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I see while running in my town. Part 2.

As you may have already noticed I tend to be exceptionally observant while on my runs.

I like to think that this is because of my quirky and inquisitive nature and not that I am being lazy and taking time to smell the proverbial roses.....

(and yes, I did post a couple months ago about the various bits of trash that I noticed. Needless to say, they were hard to miss...)

Lately I have been noticing more in the way of activities, or scary objects and slightly less rubbish in the ditch.

Today's Stories:
Oh alright, you and I both know that it is most likely a van for a roofing contractor or similar but something about the windowless double back doorness of it just screams Silence of The Lambs. Did I just date myself? Perhaps... However, I avoid this van in the same way that I avoid cholera. I will run completely off the road, up a hill into the puckerbrush and thru the swamp to avoid getting close enough to this vehicle to be snatched, thrown in a well and told "it rubs the lotion on its skin... Jeepers, so scary! I am waiting for the day when this van leaves town so that I can run a straight line down the road again. Until then, no amount of logic and reason will cause me to run any closer to it than is absolutely required by the lay of the land. Kthanxbye.

I live in a town where crime is a rare thing. I have never heard of the cops having to come around and break up a gang of street fighters, or much else to be honest.
You can imagine my surprise when I came running around a corner one day and heard the distinct sounds of some kind of battle being waged just out of my line of vision. As I neared the scene of the crime there was no doubt about it: somebody was getting his arse kicked... I was having visions of myself having to pull off a heroic rescue (or, running for my life while calling 911) Then..... The perps came into my vision. And there he was, one boy of about 13 years old violently beating with a bow stall his enemy: HIS IMAGINATION!
Creeping to a crawl I looked at him, agape. Unimpressed by my curiosity said boy continued his quest to take down his imaginary foe, grunting, sweating and swinging his staff wildly around.
I thought to suggest that he take his Dungeons and Dragons to the backyard, perhaps slightly off the street but chose to keep my words inside and to quietly enjoy the spectacle....

Just one more reason (and a less scary one that the Rape Van) that running in my town is always a fun adventure...

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