Monday, November 22, 2010

More moanings regarding the worthless weather...

It has been an interesting week around here in the running department.

When I was a kid I was somewhat outspoken regarding my likes and dislikes (in all areas.) Exhausted from the constant need to patrol my desire to vent my feelings, my Mom instructed me that the only acceptable thing to do was to say that something was "interesting" instead of the less PC horrendous, gag worthy, horrifying, appalling. You get the picture (not only of the kind of outspoken little bugger that I was but on the so called conditions here in the north East.)

I had several lovely runs around the (ahem) interesting weather last week including a 4.3 miler which was a snap. I headed out the next day for an easy run and the conditions were horrible- snow and ice on the road, people flying all over everywhere in their cars, complete chaos and bedlam. Not wishing to die I chose to head back in with barely 2 miles under my belt. But with my life and limbs fully intact... With better weather the following day I was thoroughly disgusted when I felt some distinct twinges from THE SHINNNN. Something about dodging, slipping and flailing on the ice the previous day had rattled some shiz loose in there and I know better than to go gallivanting around when there's trouble a-brewing. I'm back to feeling 100% now and the weather has taken (AGAIN) a tragic turn for the worse. It has not crept above 32 degrees in 3 days and it is alternating between schvitzing and schmucking out. Bad dark times....

I am looking around for a lightly used treadmill as I feel that my salvation from the impending winter depends on being able to run indoors. So far, no luck. I have found a couple in my general vicinity but from the looks of them they are from the early 80's and rather dilapidated despite being "lightly used." The search will continue as I try valiantly to squeak a few more runs out of mother nature/my local DOT.

I have a 4 miler on Turkey Day morning which I am looking forward too. I'm not looking to PR at this one and I'm genuinely fine with that (REALLY! really. Really??) It is a big race and the clusterfudge at the beginning really slows a gal down- and it's gun to finish, so the 20 minutes waiting to go thru the start do in fact count. It's a race that takes you on two loops of the downtown district of what we like to call our city- which is really a pretty place! I did this run with no practice last year with my sister and had a rip roaring good time, despite the fact that we were en route for close to 40 minutes (and I was sore as all hell for 3 days afterwards...) I know I'll do better than last year for sure, and I also know that I'm not as fit or as motivated as I was when I PR'd my 4 mile time back in July. Regardless people, running 4 miles gives anyone permission to pig out later on the day on the biggest eating Holiday known to man!

Hope that all of you out there in the interwebs have been lucking out with good weather and great runs- and a big thanks once more for the Birthday wishes!

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  1. It is freezing here too! I can't believe you were out running on the ice and are my idol. Good luck with the treadmill search! Can't wait to hear about your turkey trot!