Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to train for a marathon like a BOSS: Part II

Part two of my expert series.
And I use the term expert in the most serious way possible because I am really the greatest EVER...
Yesterday we covered the fact that I chose hills/preparedness over speed for marathon training cycle round two (the modified, crappy, but much more fun version!)
I worked the hell out of the hills around here and could literally see my speed work declining. My stupid inflamed foot tendon was balky during speed work so all the more reason to skip the dreaded tempo runs!!! (yeah, I missed maybe two, total fail, obvs....)
At 11:30 on Sunday AM I made the excellent decision to go to the other side of town and run a 5K, just to see how the speed was holding up. (with 6 days to go until the Marathon my conclusion was that this was the very best way to kick off my taper!)
This was perhaps the best show of judgement ever since less than 24 hours before I had run 15.5 straight up a mountain. Yes, I'm smart, a bright girl indeed.
I kinda figured I'd shuffle along and head home with a 26 minute slog under my belt. However, my competitive nature and my desire to win a JUG of syrup kicked in and I ended up placing 2nd with a 21:51. Decent, for an old lady who has avoided speed work like one might avoid Ebola for the past few weeks!
I also dragged Eric and my Dad along and they were fast too. Just not as fast as I am, HAH!!
The syrup. The fashion. Be jealous!!!

I ate a LOT on candy corn post race and proceeded to feel very sick for a long time. As an expert runner I feel the need to warn people away from refueling with pure, straight up JENK food. I'm sure that this is a stunning revelation to most of you out there, I know it was for me!
In retrospect running this race was not a bad idea at all as my legs felt fine the next day and my morale was bolstered by my ability to still run a respectable 5k.
And yes lucky readers. More words of wisdom from yours truly tomorrow!
(don't count on this streak continuing. I only have so many smart things to say after all...)


  1. I see nothing wrong with candy corn post race! ; )

    Nice 5k! I'm glad it helped the confidence levels. Now rest up!

  2. You two are so cute with your matching orange sleeves/socks. Congrats on your winnings...syrup ain't cheap!

  3. Love it! You are so funny. And the two of you are sooo freaking cute!