Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to train for a marathon like a boss!!!

You want to know how to train for a marathon like a BOSS do you??
Well, you have come to the right place then.
According to MDI (who clearly know ALL) since this is not my FIRST marathon then I AM AN EXPERT!!! (???)
Thank you guys, for recognizing my obvious prowess *ahem, ahem*
My training has been creative this time around.
Just getting back into a regular running schedule 5 or so weeks ago left little time for epic long runs of doom. I have squeezed in two successful 19 milers (good enough!!) but have concentrated on hills.
The only thing one hears about MDI is: "OMG the EFFING HILLS!!"
So, deciding that fast would not be a viable option this time around I'm just going for prepared.
Here are a couple of examples of my amazing hill running skills.
Or perhaps just fine examples of the hills in my town? Yes. that's more likely..
My 8 mile loop. FML.

15.5 Miles. OF PURE HELL! PURE HELL!!!!!!!
Sweet Baby Geezus!!!! Want to come run hills with me? It's fun, I promise (LIE! LIE!)
The good news for today is that with FIVE days left there will be very few mountains in my training plan for this week.
I'm getting a little excited. This is proof that my cheese has slid right off my cracker because no one in their right mind should be excited for an uphill marathon, right?
More suggestions for epic marathon training to come tomorrow!
(yes, I'm promising more than one post this week. which means that all posts will be terrible since my recent claim has been "quality over quantity") (or maybe I'm just a suck-o blogger?)

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  1. Eh...just a little anthill. You've got this!