Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to be the BOSS of the MARATHON
(the final chapter)
(I know you are all soooo bummed out about that!)
I promised pictures of the chaos of my house-of-athletes and am about to deliver in a big way!
But first! I have to admit that I am glad my MDI plan doesn't involve the goal of a PR or a BQ. Upon reading the "final instructions" email I discovered that the MDI people gave a dire warning!
"Don't plan to PR. the course is horrible and hilly and almost impossible. you might die. just be glad to cross the finish line, fool..."
I took slight (but very slight) artistic liberty with that but essentially that was exactly what they wrote.
And yet, I'm looking forward to this.
Special kind of stupid up in here!
OK onto the good stuff.
To train for a Marathon you don't have a lot of time to pick up your house. And you are so exhausted that you don't give a crap about this...! It's more important to run 50 miles a week then to clean after all. DUH...
The shoes. SO MANY!!!
Arranged lovingly on my shoe rack built of paint cans and a board. Classy
I will make one for you for a slice of pie and a beer!

The pantry.
And a bottle of Bourbon. Keeping it real, keeping it real!

A whole DRESSER devoted to athletic garb!

Race numbers on the bathroom sink. That makes sense.
Along with cortisone for the poison ivy that's on my butt (story for another day)
And the stuff for chafing. Nice....

Race medals randomly hanging from a bathroom light fixture.
What, this isn't what everyone does with their hard earned bling??


  1. That is funny they put that in the race instructions. Though that would never stop by stubborn mind from going for a good time. :) Hopefully the weather isn't too bad tomorrow for you all. What a yucky weekend.

    Love the race medals on the bathroom fixture. My house is infested with running gear. :)

  2. Love this and bummed I missed you downtown today. Tomorrow morning perhaps? Before you leave me in the dust?