Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post Marathon Aftermath...

Post Marathon recovery time was delightful. I took several guilt free days "off" (I wish they had been off my damn feet, ALAS, they were just off from running...) My legs were sore and crabby but uninjured. I felt 100% better than after Around The Lake! Not to mention the fact that I was on a legit post awesome run high for a full 48 hours after (maybe more) which I'm sure was very annoying to everyone around me. Too bad suckers!!
I think I ran 14 miles total last week and they were all nice and easy.
I'm only planning to get into the mid 20's this week but already did hills and a tempo run so clearly things are sorting out in the leg department. YAY!
So what's next?
So Excited!!!!

I am really excited to run this race. I missed it last year due to a prior real life commitment and so am even MORE excited to be able to make it this year!
All that OMG I LOVE RUNNING chatter aside I definitely don't think I'll be busting out a PR next week and that's cool. Everything was so awesome at the Maine Half and MDI that I feel like I might be due for a less than delightful race, but I could be wrong. Either way, I love Half's because you get done really fast and in plenty of time for lunch!

Well thank you!!!

I totally bailed on any "extra" mileage this week because my stupid toes hurt and I'm sure I'm on the verge of loosing all my toenails! I'm scared to look. So I won't.
There seem to be many exciting plans on the horizon but I'm not going to overwhelm the interwebs with them right now. (can you feel the suspense???)
I have a 10K with a bunch of friends today which should be fun, and then we are going to see what this big overhyped storm brings for the next few days. I'm just hoping for the first non rainy race in ages so, Sandy, please hold off!


  1. im SO SO SO jealous of you running that race. i did it the last two years, but once it was in maine and then they moved it to new hampshire. the course is beautiful! ill be thinking of you! also excited for the suspenseful plans hehe

  2. I may have to steal that Ryan Gosling picture. I am about to lose my first toenail ........from biking. I did that race when it was in Maine and loved it. I have no desire to do it in Mass. AM I wrong? Be sure and blog about it.

  3. Done! It gave me a fun FB post.

  4. haha, that pic is awesome...and I think we've all dealt with the missing toe nails, lol!