Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's GO TIME!!! Marathon DAY IS HERE!!

So today is the day.
Marathon number two is upon us....
Things have certainly felt a little different this time around. I had such a long recovery post July marathon/nasty shin injury that I feel like my training just started (well, 6 weeks ago...!)
I haven't had a single horrible long run possibly due to the fact that my longest run since July has been 19 which keeps me out of that 22-26.2 mile trouble zone. A friend of mine compared those last miles to climbing Mt. Everest and getting to the elevation when (even with an oxygen tank) your body starts to fail. The judgement falters and every step feels like it takes a lifetime.
Um, yes. Excellent comparison!
My goals for this race are very, very reasonable.

Goal #2- Start slow.
Goal #3- Be flexible, if I'm feeling good I feel like I should be able to do this at about a minute slower per mile than I did in July which puts me roughly at a 4:01 finish. I'd take it. The EMAIL OF DOOM from MDI was a bit intimidating, no lie. I'm willing to believe that half way thru marathoning over the Alps I might seriously need to stop, take a breather, eat a few pancakes, sit and read Harry Potter and send a few texts before continuing on. I'd just like to be done by lunchtime, dammit! Don't get between me and my FOOD stupid race! 
Bottom line, I don't have a "real" time goal to meet this time. I'd like to be a little more relaxed this time, perhaps not projectile vomit (that was fun, not...) cruise along at a pace that doesn't kill my legs too terribly but also brings me in before lunch! Yes please.
Even though my training has felt more limited this time around I still need to give a shout out to my family, friends, excellent exclusive dating partner and all the cool people in my life for accepting the fact that hey, my name is Sara and I have a running problem! This shit takes up a lot of time and energy and (per the norm) I have been a terrible Friday night date because that's long run day! Thanks you guys, wish you could all be here today but I know you're thinking about me (as in: rolling your eyes at my legit insanity!)
I'm feeling excited about this race, glad it's not 23,585 laps around a lake, pleased that it's not going to be 85 degrees and humid and I'm excited to see friends and to meet new ones! (always fun to meet people IRL!)
Now on to some amusing items:

Possible the best text about running EVER thanks to my cousin Jen

SEXY DATE NIGHT!!!!! This is how we roll. HOT.

HAHAHA! What happens when you imap a track workout.

Wish me luck everybody. We'll see what happens out there on the road today!


  1. Hope you had a great day.....can't wait to read about it!

  2. Hope you had a great race! Looking forward to the report

  3. So much for that 4:01 projected finish! Awesome finally getting to meet you.

  4. So much for that 4:01 projected finish! Awesome finally getting to meet you.