Thursday, October 11, 2012

And the saga continues!

How to train for a marathon like a BOSS part III:
Go to the Tufts 10K and (wait for it....)
I really wanted to run this race.  But for once in my life logic and reason actually prevailed and with a marathon 6 days away, I decided to sit this one out in favor of supporting a couple of lovely ladies.
This choice made me die inside just a little bit. But in retrospect it was wise...
I am suspicious that this will be a must do for me next year, it's easy to get to, beautifully organized and they give fantastic tech shirts (which almost makes up for the notable lack of finishers medals... total rip off!!) It was a gorgeous day which certainly made for some excellent spectating conditions.
The well dressed racers!!! I LOVED the pink sparkle skirt.
I LOVED the knee high "bacon" socks.
These gals know how to dress for success!
(says the queen of fashion...)

We arrived in plenty of time and good thing, because they started lining people up close to an hour before start time. I'm sure with 8,000 women this made for a smooth start but I would have been "eh" about standing around for so long pre-race. I like my warm up routine and standing like sweaty sardines for 45 minutes usually isn't part of how I roll...

While waiting for the start I was struck with serious race envy and did some pouting.
Yeah. I behave like I'm 5 when I can't run!!

I want to run fast like these girls. HOLY crap they are quick!

The thing about a 10K is that there is very little waiting around time. We looked around the expo a little (timed this very well to avoid the crowds. timed it very BADLY for seeing people, whoops!!) thought about snacking, had water spilled onto us by a sketchy strange dude and then camped out to watch the finish. Not shockingly the fast ladies started cruising thru around the 31 minute mark. HOLY shit, they were just flying! Made me realize my dire need for speedwork! There was a light trickle of fast finishers until around the 45ish minute mark when people started pouring thru the finish. Including Jen who PR'd like a BOSS!  Not too long after that the girls I was actually there to watch came zipping by, meeting their time goals and looking good!  Both of them were really pleased with how they did (it was the first 10K post-baby for one of them and the first 10K EVER for the other! Good job you two I'm wicked proud!)
Then, since it was, after all, a RACE we all went out for TONS of pasta (which was totally justified being that it was post athletics) wine (which actually improved our sobriety since we shared a couple bottles) and cheesecake (which was totally vegan, obvs, and probably had negative calories since there was more sharing involved!) Basically, as you might have noticed my rules for food change when there is sharing involved. (or standing, or only having one bite, or eating/drinking anything before, during, or after running.)
So, another fine day for me in my taper and perhaps the first thing that I have done that might improve my chances of successful marathon completion.
Seriously counting down at this point. More wise words to come tomorrow!


  1. Damn, I screwed up. I ran. And I'm STILL sore. Ugh. I'm sure it killed you to not run it. You would have sped right along and owned the course. Next year?????

  2. You definitely have to run Tufts next year. I ran my fastest by far 10k on Monday. It was incredibly flat and the fast women around you made it easier to pace off of people. Good luck at MDI!!!!