Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great Pumpkin 10K!

I don't seem to do many 10K races. I'm not sure if that is because they aren't as popular as the ever cringe inducing 5K, or if I'd just prefer to spend my money on a longer race. Regardless, I think I have only run a grand total of 4 10K's ever.  (and maybe that is ok?)
We all know the story of how, after running Around The Lake on one leg, I then ran Beach To Beacon 6 days later and hated every second of it. I was hoping that that this would not be a repeat performance. While I might not have been in a mood of great enthusiasm "Trying to talk myself into loving to run" I believe was my FB post of the AM, it was still a much better time than B2B (I also had a full week more to recover- this made a difference I think!)
I requested a nice, sunny, warm day. FAIL. It was not a deluge like the last two races but it was drizzly, windy and cool. With Sandy looming on the horizon it could have been much worse, but I still complained. A LOT. To anyone who would listen...
The whole gang! And we are all shivering uncontrollably at this point...
We got there in plenty of time for me to sit in the car for 40 minutes complaining about how cold it was (and therefore, not warming up... good solid plan!) But whaaaaaaaaaaaa it was cold and damp and I'm so sick of racing in the drizzle disgustingness! I told Eric that I didn't feel like running and would spectate while he PR'd . He said that he had already called doing that and so I could not. MEH.

We got out of the car. We almost missed the start (if only we had walked slower!) we met up our friends who looked just as excited as we felt. Well, maybe a little more excited as there was a cute costumed doggie hanging with them!

Eric needed to run faster than 53ish minutes to PR. That seemed likely. I needed to run faster than 43 something to PR and I knew THAT wasn't going to happen because who in their right mind runs that fast?? I remembered a time long, long ago (or 4 weeks) when I tried and failed to help my exclusive running partner to PR (failed) and so I devised a potentially risky plan... Last time we ran together for the whole race (which is the funnest, duh) and I tried to be the worlds best pacer which apparently I'm terrible at. This time, the gun went off, we ran the first mile together like we were young and in love and THEN... I dropped him like a bad habit and took the hell off.

Whoops. HEH HEH.

Anyway, I ran along faster than I would have liked to in a perfect world, assuming that he would chase me. I REALLY didn't feel like murdering myself and my legs were less than thrilled with my faster-than-marathon speed but it was alright. The thing about a 10K is that you have a little more time to think than in a 5K but not enough time for your thought to become severely mentally challenged- like in a marathon.

Here is what I thought about:
-I wish a marathon was 1 mile. Actually, I wish all races were 1 mile or less. Maybe 0.3 miles.
-I wish I could run an 8:50 pace and WIN!!!
-Well now I'm hot. Isn't THIS a slap in the FACE??
-Hang on, did that guy just say that we got to the 5k mark in 27 minutes?? That can't be right. (it wasn't)
-.....omg what if he was right...????????
-Shit I'm slow and stupid. I think I hate running.

*sigh* Anyway. I finally finished and it was in 44:49. That would be my second best 10K time ever so not too bad. I was 3rd in my age group and felt cheated since there were only prizes for the top 2...

I grabbed my coat and went back to look for Eric and THERE HE WAS!!!! Crossing the line in 47:49. And his first words were: "I'm KINDA MAD AT YOU....." Hmmm, I thought that might happen! I gave him a donut and he forgot all about his troubles as he basked in the glow of accomplishment and great speed, congratulating me for being clever enough to force him to give chase. Then he complimented my amazing womanly good looks and high IQ.  (OK, OK.. It didn't play out exactly like that. but close enough... Really close. Right Eric??)

It was still cold and nasty so once everyone finished we dashed out of there as fast as possible. Racing is less fun when the weather discourages ambling around talking about our amazing racing domination (yeah, that happens quite a bit...) So to recap: we ran fast, ate donuts, froze, left. BOOM!

I feel that my Halloween race outfit deserves mention. Grey tights, socks, arm sleeves and gloves... I was 50 shades of grey. I'm a crafty girl...


  1. Laughing at the 50 shades of gray costume.
    I don't do many 10Ks either. Lately I don't many running races that don't involve biking and or swimming!
    Too bad you didn't get a warm day. No fun to keep getting crappy weather.

  2. I love the outfit idea! Congrats to both of you on speedy races. I am not so sure I like the idea of Eric running faster and faster. He's going to pass me. Damn! I better work harder.

  3. My exclusive running/dating partner is a big jerkface! She is lucky she is very cute and that I don't hold grudges! I was very cranky with her during the race! She didn't even say goodbye when she dropped me! Jerk!!

    Also: You're going down Jen!