Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Morning Mountain Mini Marathon....

I was so hyped up about my hills yesterday that I completely forgot that I was the Featured Runner over at Run Courtney, Run! I am excited about this- go check it out!

In other news.... I mentioned a few days ago that I had planned my long run to be held on the treddy of terror in the climate controlled gym (haha) on a FLAT (or 1.5% incline) surface.
Well... My plans changed. I ended up running over the mountain of doom because I just didn't have the extra time to drive to my gym! I ran an abysmal first mile- if there had been a bail out button to transport me straight to a couch I would have hit it. Gladly! looking at my watch at mile 1 I was truly horrified (but not shocked- my legs, although not painful, felt like garbage) the time was 9:57!!! WHAT? When do I EVER run an almost 10 minute mile!

Luckily I did not call it a day at that point.....

I ended up running the first 5 miles in 44:28. Not great. Not too gross considering that I started out on the wrong foot. Or pair of feet.

I ran the second 5 miles in 41:45. Uphill. Boom.

Then... I threw in a 5K for good measure. In 27:32. (As I made the choice to do the final 3.1 I said "I'm going to shoot for 10 min per mile just to get extra time on the road- I shouldn't over do it!) I came close, and the last 3.1 were- AS USUAL- very hilly.

So... You run 10 miles then add in a 5K. What is the total?

13.1 suckahs. Take that stupid legs. In 1:53:05 which is nothing to cry about given the 67% incline that I was on for the whole freaking duration.

I came home and promptly threw my body in a snowbank because, as expected I had pushed the hip flexor to its limit (it did not hurt until mile 10-ish, and was much better that last week.) The snowbank was cold and unforgiving. Most unpleasant. I had some coffee milk which is much more palatable to me than any other kind of milk. I hate milk with a passion to be honest but am trying it, since it seems to so popular as the recovery drink for you hardcore runners! then I ate some cadbury eggs, some real eggs and some toast.

Then I got back to work.... Thank you Monday for being quiet enough to allow me to take 2 hours off!

I was thrilled at the end of the day to have almost zero discomfort in any part of my body. I don't know if I should thank my mad skillz, the snowbank or the coffee milk...


  1. I think cadbury eggs are the perfect substitute (or complement) to real eggs. No question.

  2. Sorry for the "test" comment.. It keeps saying my credentials can not be verified=annoying!!
    Well, k, anyway!
    I love that you icebath in a snowbank! That's too cool!
    And you're right, hips ARE stupid!

  3. Hey gal! You're hilarious! lol I love the fact that you conquered those miles in any way possible! :)

    ps. I've changed the blogs name, in case you have it linked anywhere it won't work the old link... so here you have the new link :)

  4. By here, I mean here under the link on my name lol

  5. Great run - that is super fast! And cadbury eggs are absolutely better than real eggs!

  6. Good god, woman! I am impressed. And I am glad I'm not the only one who eats crazy stuff after a long run. We had some great weather here for a bit, and then Mother Nature slapped us down again and we're stuck in the 30's with a doom and gloom sky. Mother Nature can suck it!