Thursday, March 3, 2011

DENIED! My Bizzaro Gym Story.

Welcome to the winter of my discontent..... And what might be the Best Post Ever!

I have remarked several times on my general dislike of all things Gym related: driving there over miles of treacherous roads, having to wait for the slow walkers to remove themselves from the treddy, having said treddy bounce and rattle like it is one second away from exploding when set over 7 MPH.... You all know, you feel my pain and I'm SURE are very sympathetic.

With the road conditions between my house and my gym rapidly circling the drain and the belts on all 3 of the Gyms treadmills progressively becoming looser I concluded that perhaps it was time to give The Other Gym a try. I felt a touch guilty, cheating on my empty, airless and straight out of the '80s place of exercise but what's a girl to do.

Read on to find out....

The Other Gym is open 24/7 so is locked, members are given keys and it is all oh-so very formal. I scheduled an appointment to pick up said key and to be "given a tour."
Upon my arrival the owner seemed very frazzled and appeared to have quite a bit going on. Ah, the stress and strain of owning a business that actually has a client base. The poor guy. Taking into account his particularly stressed out expression I let him know that we could bypass most of the weight rooms and such as I only needed the cardio equipment.

This is when things took a turn for the worse.

Eyeing me with suspicion he inquired "So. Training for something?" Without thinking (and I'm sorry. But with PRIDE beeyotches!) I replied that I was indeed gearing up for a Half. He STOPPED DEAD in his TRACKS. "Well. We don't usually allow people like YOU to join the gym." was his shocking statement. "OhKaaay" I said "30 minute treadmill limit, right?"
Instead of just coming out with it and saying that yes, the gym had a 30 minute limit that he was not willing to budge on he hemmed, hawed and threw some real gems at me that I am feeling compelled to share.

Him: "It isn't so much the wear & tear on the Treadmills but the fact that people who spend more time then that on the treadmills are basically stealing from the gym because they use too much TIME."
Me: "Well say a client of yours spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical then did some circuit training? Is that a problem too."
Him: Lost for words

Me: "Honestly, I only need a longer period of time on a treadmill once a week- I'd be happy to swap treadmills and leave if a line formed. Or, just tell me that it is your policy to refuse access to "people like me" and I'll head on out."
Him: "well... there are never people waiting for equipment... but people would start to see you coming and get angry."
Me: Lost for words... Completely lost for words...

Me: "I'm not going to ask you to change your rules for me. But you won't just come out and tell me no, so perhaps there is a loophole that you have not mentioned" (at this point it was almost fun to watch him squirm in discomfort.)
Him: Well, ermmmm, ummm. Well I don't know. We really try to avoid "people like you" because of the way that you "abuse" your membership rights."
Me: (haven't we covered this??) So you have an overall time limit on how long ANY gym member can be on location?
Him: Clearly dying inside.

To make this long story short (or no longer) He Denied my membership request. In retrospect I clearly should have told him that I was a casual runner, putting in 4 miles per week tops. (then just continue to do my thing...) At the time though I certainly saw no SHAME in being a real runner, and no need to deny what I frickin do! BAH!

I know that many gyms have a Treadmill (or cardio equipment) time limit but also know that there are many ways to get around this rule- unless there is a mile long line forming behind you! It was pretty clear from the get go that this business owner did not want my money or for me to be "abusing my membership!"

One part of me wants to get seriously offended by this blatant discrimination. The other part of me is laughing it off, feeling a bit sorry for him, and feeling like I will continue to run at my normal (and so charmingly dated) gym until the weather improves...


  1. I think you can find another gym that isn't run by an idiot. Seriously, who cares how long you are on the treadmill, as long as no one is waiting for it? If you pay one fee every month for a membership, it should not matter what you do when you're there. They've got your money.

    That guy was a real dumb ass.

  2. Wow, this post really made me smile! lolol. What a looser! I still can't believe he actually denied your membership! Oh well, go figure... and on the top of that, it's a 24/7 gym, so who's gonna be forming a line or getting angry at you if you're running on times like there's no one there? I mean, isn't that the whole point of the gym being 24/7 to begin with? lol


  3. Woah, the post made me laugh and then I got pretty annoyed at the owner!! What about the meatheads that I'm sure go to a 24/7 gym and sit there for 2 hours using the weights? I wouldn't have lied about my running either. Proudly would have said I ran halfs, or fulls, or whatever. He's a real

  4. Holy cow! He is lucky you are not some crazy nut who wants to pursue a lawsuit for denying you! That is insane.

  5. Wow, I cannot believe that. I have no idea how a gym like that could stay in business. You are better off without it. You'll find a fun that can accommodate to you without making you feel guilty!

  6. Are you kidding me? That is absurd!! (And yes, I totally laughed reading the conversations). What an idiot...

  7. OMG... that is too funny! What a wacko. "People like you" who actually go to the gym and use the membership totally balance out the people like me who pay for the membership and then NEVER go! He's an idiot.

  8. wow!! Some people! I work at a 24 hour gym...and after reading this I'm liking my gym even more now. We don't have stupid rules like that AND you don't have to schedule an annoying "appointment" to get the key. Wow! Crazy he has any customers at all!

  9. This is a guy who runs a business? Wow! He certainly has NO Interpersonal skills. NONE! My gym used to post signs with a limit but (I think) they are gone. I am ALWAYS on longer and no one has ever said a thing. Most people use the treadmills for a short time and there are enough of them.
    I would want to see if I could report him to someone higher up!

  10. OMG you're so awesome! Thanks for your comment and for following up my blog! Now we can keep up with each other's bizarre daily stories! :) Looking forward to reading your posts!


  11. I am seriously fuming inside. How AWFUL! I wouldnt want to give him my money after that but what the hell is the point of a gym then? Wouldn't he WANT people there? Maybe even people who LOOKed good? and looked like they were having a good time.

    Maybe your local news station would be interest to hear about this.

  12. I can not believe this actually happened! I mean, I believe you, but I can't believe this guy is real. I mean, what a jerk. And he seriously denied your application? I agree with Amber that your local news station needs to hear about this. This guy deserves some humiliation.

  13. I'm scratching my head in confusion? If he states that there are never any lines....wouldn't they just be glad for the business at all. Customer service at its finest. What an.idiot!!!!

  14. um, that is frustratingly comical. very strange. not sure i would have been as composed as you were in that same situation. good for you for letting it roll off your back! i'm sure others would not have been so patient with his "gems".

  15. OMG!!! I laughed out loud & read your post out loud to my husband. That gym is EFFED UP. You dodged a bullet. The guy was obviously jealous that YOU ROCK.
    Seriously, you should post a link of this post on all review sites that reference that WACKED-ASS gym.