Sunday, March 20, 2011

A sprint around the neighboring town

Hey, I'm back!

Sorry fans, I disappeared form the blogosphere rather suddenly. Damn work. Damn busy schedule!

Not such a busy running week but luckily not a complete bust. In the name of repairing my stupid hip flexor I took 4 days off from pavement pounding. Since I am now an old, seasoned Half Marathon pro (emphasis clearly placed on the old) I was not in the slightest bit worried about messing with The Plan. I was also getting really sick of the old hip starting to go "twinge twinge" at mile 1.5! I did a super short and easy run mid week- like 3 miles of the flattest surface that I could find (not easy to locate) with no pain.

Yesterday I headed 2 towns over to get a change of scenery. I am so sick of all of the roads in my town, even though I have only been back outside off the dreaded treadmill for a couple weeks.... I ran a 4.4 mile route that I have done 4 miles of before (it is the 4 on the 4th route) which is literally done over a mountain. The first 2 miles are straight uphill (and the last 1/2 mile is thru town- which requires showing off and fast running) which I thought would be a good test for my leg. The sun was shining enough to make me feel OK about the 20 MPH winds blowing in my face... Even better though was that I didn't feel a peep from the hip flexor- it is a tiny bit sore today but I'm hoping that I'm now on the other side of the problem. The showing off sprint thru the town made for a decent finishing time too- just a hair over 32 minutes which I consider acceptable for a loop that is half 10% or greater incline....

I'm going to do a long run on the treadmill tomorrow since it is going to be a rainy mess. I'm hoping that I can manage to do it pain free or to at least make it past the 5 mile mark with no agony. Fingers crossed....

I promise that there are more posts to come in the following days- don't stop following me because I have been so bad at blogging lately... I vow to do better in the coming days!


  1. I hope you have a painfree run today! Let us know how it goes

  2. Hoping you are staying on the good side of the pain!

  3. Ha-totally understand the bad blogger syndrome!! Hoping that treadmill run goes well for you-no agony vibes going your way!!!