Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beach To Beacon, 2011

Last Tuesday I woke up (per the norm) had some coffee, fed the dog and 9 absolutely starving to death horses then made my way to check my email.

My eyes drifted to the calender... March 15th.... Why does that date sound important??!!

OH CRAP. It's the day to register for the friggin Beach To Beacon.

In something of a panic I checked the clock- 7:08- and dejectedly, I knew that I had blown it. Registration had opened at 7:00 and fills in the same way that I fill myself with candy. (a good comparison, honestly.)

I. Was. Pissed!

I did the sensible thing and threw my name into the lottery- for 5 bucks I would have a chance to get my name drawn, along with 1200 or so others out of the million or so people who were delayed in their registration reactions.

For the week that I waited to find out which way my fate tide would turn I mulled over the "whys" of this race. Why in the hell did I want to do it anyway. Case in point.

-It will be 10,000 degrees out
-There are legit elite runners at this little bash. those crazy Kenyans run a 4:28 mile and don't break a sweat. It is absolute madness!
-The town that B2B is in really can't handle it. It is a shit show.
-No parking. No escape once you have parked.
-You have to arrive 4 hours early due to said parking situation.
-No way to win my age group unless I can miraculously manage to cut a minute per mile off my 10K time. Run a 6:40 average 10K? I highly doubt it!

When I received confirmation in my email box yesterday that I was one of the lucky ones with my name on a bib I was positively ecstatic! Which proves once more that I have descended into the depths of running insanity. I am looking forward to B2B fervently, 6:40 MPM time of not!


  1. Congrats! And you will do just fine through sheer willpower :)

  2. Congrats on the lottery coup! 10,000 degrees, lack of parking, and crazy Kenyans aside, I've read awesome things about the race (I lived in Portland, ME for a year). I'd love to make it up for it sometime.

  3. That's one of those bucket list races for me--I'm jealous! You'll have a great time. And watching the elites (if you get to see them) is so much fun.

  4. Hooray! what luck! Also, any race that ends at the beach in a shit-show HAS to be a great time!!

  5. Running insanity suits you well. Good luck, and a suggestion for increasing your time if you feel it unattainable naturally: crack and a monster before the race.

  6. Awesome! It sounds like a great race :) I just now realized that I neglected to enter a very popular race :( I am sure it's closed now... or lottery-ed... or something.

  7. Have you run this before? Do you always? I walked it several years ago before I was a runner. I had such a good time. Some year I will have to do it again. Lucky you!

  8. Whoa, that's really awesome you got picked in the lotto! That kind of stuff never happens to me! Extra incentive to train you butt off!