Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hills. Need I say more?

As many of you have probably noticed I often complain loudly about the fact that I can not run any distance in my town without encountering a few pesky hills. while I'm sure that those of you who live in Vermont, for example, encounter much worse than this my feeling is that I am forced to do some solid hill work on the regular.

Or, perhaps I am just a whiny little weenie? I ask you to be the judge of that..

For your consideration, just a few of the local speed bumps.

See above for the hill that is honestly referred to AS the "speed bump." There is no avoiding this hill and it has become small enough not to even register in my brain. It is a real bitch at the end of 10 plus miles though, not gonna lie here....

OK! So, if you get to this point you have already climbed up a small mountain. On this route there are 3 hills this size plus the infamous speed bump (really, you can't avoid it.)

What you don't realize about this little hill is that there is a hill on the side of this hill. You can almost see it between the first two phone poles. The picture does not do it justice- this hill means business. Come to visit me and the bumps in the road will kick you in the face!

That is just a small sampling of what my town has to offer in the incline department. Go ahead, tell me I'm wimpy to fuss about having to scale those beasts on a daily basis, I can take it!
I feel that I should put out a "beat my hill" challenge. Email me pics of your mountainous nemesis perhaps and I can create a "my hill vs your hill" challenge! (maybe I'll rename this post "Ways to have fun with your hills" or "this is your brain on incline" or something of the sort...)


  1. Those hills are going to make you such a strong runner.

  2. Those hills have succeeded in turning this wimpy flatlaner's stomach! I have to seek out hills for hill training. Blech. You win for sure!

  3. I want to play! I'll try to take some shots of the hills in my neighborhood next time I'm out.

  4. I agree with Michelle. you will get some super-strong quads and hamstrings if you're training on those badboys!

  5. Oomph! those are some pretty nasty hills. For your next race, sign up for the flattest course you can find and you will kill it! I'll have to send you some pics of some of the hills I try to avoid :)

  6. I live in a mountainous town and you run bigger hills than I do. I have managed to find the "flattest" route available.
    No, I am not doing New Bedford. I am doing 13.1 Unplugged (put on by VCM) It is in 3 weeks.