Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Seriously Badass 2012 Recap!

Happy New Years, kids!
No beginning of the year race for me, and a good thing too since I ate all the foods and drank all the wine last night.
I like to wait for the beginning of the New Year to do my last years recap. Better late than never I suppose? (I'm lazy.)
Our nice friends/family gave us some fun ornaments which I really, really like and plan to use year round. You know you've had a bang up athletic season when you can have a legit ornament to commemorate your accomplishments.
Here they are:

Only the ones on the left are mine.
I'm only awesome at running.... Which is the only thing that counts anyway! Heehee..

What did I do in 2012?  
Total Miles: 1,587.88 (I WILL do 1600 next year!)
I had NO mileage goal in mind for 2012. I will say that this is at least twice as many miles as I ran in 2011 if not more. Probably more.

Total Races: TWENTY FIVE WTF????

Total pairs of shoes that I wore out: 3, with another pair well on its way...
Races:  (yes, I PR'd in every distance this year. ughhhhhhh)
5K: 10... I think.... We'll call it 10 and be ok with that.
PR: 19:59 (Tri for a Cure 5K)
Merch: 3 AG wins and 1 overall female win. Winning, winning galore blah blah.
I had something insane like 5 consecutive 5K PR's this year before nailing the sub 20 and retiring the 5K distance from things I care about. I don't love the 5K and I'm never going to be fast enough to really dominate!
10K: 3
PR: 43:43 (Cohasset Rotary 10K)
 This might never, ever happen again unless I'm actually training for a 10K. As unlikely as that is eventually I might get sick of marathon training and need a new fun challenge (I just misspelled hellacious horrible idea, didn't I??) My 2nd best finish this year was 44:49 which (for whatever retardo reason) felt MUCH easier. Go figure.
Merch: 2 3rd place AG finishes
4 Miler: 1
PR: 26:53 (Bridgton 4 on the 4th)
Merch: 4th place woman
I am fine with this being my 4 mile PR forever. I owed this course a solid ass kicking and I delivered.

10 Miler: 1
This was my first 10 miler...1:15:11
That can be another life long PR for all I care.

Half Marathons: 6
PR: 1:36:40 (at Great Bay Half)
Merch: 3rd AG at GBH, 4th AG at the AWH, 4th female at the Indoor Half
I smashed my Half PR by something silly like 9 minutes. I don't have a lot of Half's planned for 2013 which makes me sad- it's my favorite distance! I love Half's because it's a legit workout without taking up your whole day with running. Training for a half is easy (relatively speaking!) You are usually done running a half by lunch, which is important. I plan to run a Half faster someday, but probably not in 2013.

16 Miler: 1 (because who runs a 16 mile race...??)
Never had done one.. 2:09:58
I am running this again but don't expect to PR. No need to.

25K Trail Race Of Stupidity: 1
Another 1st time... 2:07:22
I absolutely refuse to ever, ever run this even one second faster.

Marathon: 2
PR: 3:34:14
Merch: AG WIN at MDI. Let's not talk about it as I'm still sad that I didn't pick up the award. I'm almost over it, I swear....
In my head I have zero plans to run this faster but that is a lie. Unless I want to spend my life BQing by the very smallest of margins then a 2013 PR seems likely. It will be a one second PR though, I don't really want to hurry that much faster because it hurts!!!
That is it, unless I forgot something. I'm exhausted just from reading that list!
Tomorrows post is going to be a good one!!! I'm going to let you guys in on all the big plans for 2013- I'm pretty excited for a new year of training and racing (and eating all the foods and drinking all the beers, duh!) So stay tuned...


  1. You were one busy racer. Love how sure you are you will never do that 25K again....or at least faster.

  2. You are so speedy!!!! We meed to meet up for some long runs - maybe if I run with a speedy marathoner - your speed will brush off on me...and make me faster!