Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Horrible Long Run! UGH!

Here in New England it is COLD. And we are all complaining.
Nothing new really. It's either too hot, too cold, too buggy, too many tourists. You get the idea!

Today's high temp! Lovely...

Let's backtrack to last week.
I swear, every one of my workouts was amazing. I felt like I was kicking ass and taking names! And luckily, most of the days were beautiful, lovely, even kind of warm days.
And then... There was my long run day. I anticipated doing 20, planned all day for it, only flinched a little when the high temp was 11 with 25 MPH wind, and went for it.
Worst attempt at a long run EVER. This answers the age old question of what is worse: long runs when it is 95 or long runs when it is 11? I hate running when it is 95- I CAN NOT run when it is 11.
When, at mile 12.5 I discovered that my handheld had frozen solid (as well as my hands- in gloves with hand warmers) I gave up and called for help. Pitiful...
OMG. I am the luckiest girl alive!!!!

I snuck in another mile and a half before I met him on the road (I had ducked into a warm little store to text- and seriously considered staying in there. possibly drinking beers.) I was so cold and exhausted that it was absurd. I felt like I had run a full marathon (my winter clothing and extra gear, as light as it is, weighs in at 5.2 pounds. Tiring to lug around, I tell ya.) I was supposd to foam roll and whatnot but I was whipped and exhausted (and a little grumpy) so I sat on the couch with 3 labradors, one attractive Ironman, 6 blankets, a wedge of Brie, a bottle of whiskey and a big bar of chocolate. And eventually some veggies, as seen below. Then I felt better.

My sister came over and we ate a healthy dinner.

I don't get upset about one shit long run- hell, before Around The Lake I'd say that 80% of my long runs were horrendous.

I suppose the silver lining is that my other workouts last week were rock solid. My "recovery" run the next day had me clocking an 8:02 average and I barely broke a sweat (but it was in the mid 30's and I lost the 5 pounds of extraneous crap...) I ran 8 the following day, over hills, super easy and it was still at an 8:20 pace. So if nothing else, I'm getting back to the point of having 8:20's feel easy instead of barely being able to keep it under 9's (ugh!)


  1. When I have THAT kind of long run, I always try to remember "at least it wasn't race day"

    Hope the next one is much better :)

  2. I commend you for making it that far. I wouldn't have gotten out of bed. Not even to pee.

  3. Ughh and I thought the 17 degree weather here was bad. I can't believe you even made it as far as you did. Bad ass!

  4. BRRR! You rock for getting out there!!!

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