Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh Gosh.. It's RACE WEEK!!!!

Well, well. Looks like it is time to tackle the Infamous Boston Prep 16 miler.
All together now: "UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Nothing like narrow single track sprinting on icy roads and a monster hill at mile 11 to really put a spring in your step, right? (FYI to the naysayers out there, yes this race is run on a road. add a little snow- or a lot- and an absolute clusterfudge of humans and yes, it becomes single-file-run-for-your-life excitement!)

You son of a bitch...

Actually, my feelings about this race are not that negative. I'm rather looking forward to racing again, it feels like it's been a dog's age... It is also the first race of 2013 for me, which is mega exciting!
I am also using this as a legit training run and looking to get a few extra miles in for good measure (per Coach Kelsey's orders, of course!)
I hope to be able to sneak in some mileage at Marathon pace or better. Remembering the legit bottleneck for the first few miles of last years race leads me to believe that I'm in for a slow start.
I'm ok with starting slow, easing into Marathon pace until mile 11 (mountain) then cranking thru the last 5K or so like I'm on steroids and heading for an Oprah confessional. I also want to practice race nutrition and all that boring silly crap that I'd usually just overlook. I am a changed woman, very responsible and attentive to my own needs. *ahem*
I also hope to look fabulous throughout, per the norm.


Anyway. This weeks workouts have been scheduled as kind of a mini taper which I am quite enjoying. 2 days off! No long run Friday! I plan to enjoy it while I can since I imagine it will be all work and no fun next week....


  1. All my weeks have been taper weeks lately... time to start ramping up. Hope the race goes well!

  2. Have fun. I have a feeling you'll kill it in your usual fashion.

  3. Have fun!

    And I love the sentiment at the end (about looking cute meaning not working hard enough...not)

  4. Mile 5 ain't so easy either - but mile 11? Yeah, that one's a beast! Glad we're getting this crazy cold weather out of the way. Not that it'll be balmy, but shouldn't be this negative-degrees right?

    Have fun!!!!