Monday, January 7, 2013

49 Days until Hyannis...

I was secretly hoping that this was going to be a 50 day countdown... Oh well, 49 has a nice menacing ring to it!
Clearly at this point those of us running Hyannis are right in the midst of our training plans. What that entails is running, getting ready to run, recovering from running, thinking about running, eating ALL the foods, doing TONS of laundry (or just leaving it for later) and being TERRIBLE at going out socially. Our social lives are remarkable failures right now because my long runs are on Friday and Eric's are on Sunday. Luckily, neither of us long for the crazy bar hopping, up until 1AM lifestyle.
I look like this 98% of the time. SEXY.
So how am I feeling with 49 days to go? Solid. I don't want to jinx myself so I'm going to shut up asap. I still think that this training cycle has the potential to fill in all those jerky holes in my basic training and fitness that seem to sneak up on me. With another month of serious training before backing off pre race I'm feeling pretty darn good!  (well. who knows what Coach Kelsey has in store for me... I could be cranking out high mileage up until race day!)  
Here's Eric after his 20 miler yesterday.
He killed it! And, henceforth, was exhausted...

I don't think I can speak for Eric as to how he feels during this semi final countdown. From my vantage point he seems really good- he's chronically un-injured (the bastard!) he rarely had horrible GI problems mid run (LUCKY) and he has been cranking out much longer long runs that I have (better you than me!)  I have no doubt that he is going to finish his race next month looking at least as good as in the above sexy photo!
I've been having a good number of decent to very good runs lately. In my head I'm saving them up for when (or if) I feel like a bucket of assholes in a few weeks. I know that pre-Around The Lake I was feeling like crap before my taper. Before MDI I felt just fine though, and THAT is how I plan to go about attacking the next 49 days. Ain't NOBODY got time for an angsty runner!


  1. You are *so* lucky to have an amazingly handsome Exclusive Dating Partner like that sexy guy up there. Just sayin...

  2. Sara, I apologize in advance for mopping the floor with your exclusive dating partner up & down this course.

    1. You will be mopping the course with tears of failure and self loathing.

    2. And I'm going to beat both of you, so.....

  3. You are amazing. I'm semi-freakin' out about the countdown. This will be my first marathon. My longest run so far was 21.5 I feel pretty good about it all but I hope my nerves don't kill me.

    I wish I were as calm as you seem. I have no goal except to cross the finish line before the cutoff. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog.

    You're going to do so awesome.

  4. Love your writing voice. Ha! So excited for your training. I know what you mean about jinxing...I feel like I jinxed myself writing about how strong I felt. grrr. Good luck to you on these last 49 days.