Monday, January 14, 2013

My week of training....

Any post that features me looking badass and tough is clearly going for the win.

                                                 Don't mess, I'll get you with my neon.

I was a blogging slacker last week because of two big important reasons. ONE: Things were going REALLY well and I didn't want to jinx mah shiz.
TWO: Do you all REALLY want to hear daily details? Maybe. I am pretty amazing and exciting after all. And fashionable to boot.
15 miles was my long run last week with 3 of the miles at a sub 8 pace. Effing brutal. But fine.
The weekend was normal stuff, easy Saturday run, 7 mile Sunday with striders. Both good.
I started the week with a progressive tempo run. It was fine in the way that pain and agony are fine.
Then I had a day off.
Then I want to spin, which was a legit sweaty mess this week. Good stuff.
The day after that I had an easy 5 which was good because my legs were junk.
On Friday I pounded out 18, at an 8:45 pace and felt just fine about it.
Happily, Saturday was an off day!
Sunday was an easy hour of easy running. Gotta love easy anything... That's what she said? However. This run was actually a strugglebus. My legs felt junky from their day off post long run and my belly felt just awful from an ill advised slice of pizza. So dumb. It was also absurdly foggy- foggy enough to soak me thru and to make my eyelashes weigh 15 pounds each. Gross.

Anywhoo. At this point, nightmares aside, I'm still feeling good. I'm really practicing my happy-mental-marathon place (not to be confused with the state that most marathoners are typically in FYI) Remembering back to MDI I firmly believe that it felt like an easy marathon because I told myself 14,897 times that it was going to be one! So Hyannis, you are going to be an easy marathon, my legs are going to be turbo charged rock stars, and I am going to make you my best friend. So there...


  1. Hmmm... I want to know how that works for you - the telling yourself it'll be easy trick. I've discovered that when I've tried that I just end up feeling like I lied to myself. :(

  2. You mad me smile with your epic week and clever commentary :) I like that strategy and I think I'll try for my next race (which happens to be a half).

  3. You know you'll rock it. Keep up the positive brain talk cause it will make all the difference in the world. Over and out.

  4. You've got this one for sure!