Friday, January 25, 2013

In which we long to be normal humans....

I'm sure that everyone with ears has heard the news. It is COLD outside! Call me a wimp if you must but in my little world there must be actual degrees in order for me to run outside. This whole zero degrees thing with serious windchill spells certain death.
So on days like this, to the padded cell in the basement Eric and I go.
It's like out home away from home (well. at home.) Sometimes we go down there to foam roll and end up lying inexplicably on the floor with our legs up the wall having lengthy conversations. That would (perhaps) be better had on the couch or similar? Hmmmmm.
Really though, most of our time in the basement is spent working out.
That's actually Eric and my Sister.
Having fun with Sufferfest. UGH.

The two of us were down there the other day, suffering and sweating. I had been running for over an hour and had barely surfaced from the place I go in my head when things get tough (we call this mental training, right?) Eric had been leaping around doing burpees and whatnot for a lengthy period of time and was, at that moment, going flat out crazy fast on his bike. Total agony.
Things were quiet except for obvious sounds of human pain and suffering..
When out of the blue Eric said "I just.... Want a beer..."
This is normally something I say, Eric is all virtuous and usually says "I want a protein shake, some Gatorade and a side of green leafy veg thank you (and some oreos..)"
I looked at the TV and saw these guys, which explains a lot.

The boys from the League! Love them.
They are in the running to be our normal friends!

I agreed that I too wished for nothing more than to leap headfirst into a veritable VAT of beer. ASAP. It sounded like the most brilliant thing ever. EVER!
This turned into a conversation about how we wished to, instead of working out ALL THE TIME,  make normal friends and go out to watch sports and drink beer (and eat all the popcorn and possibly all the cheese.) We need to start taking applications for these friends because currently ALL our friends are either training for some huge race or pregnant. No good for having normal human outings with AT ALL!!!
Of course, this discussion eventually turned to the cold hard facts. I had the chance last summer to experience 3 weeks of "normal human life" when I was recovering from my shin shit, post marathon. All I did was eat ice cream twice a day and wish to run. (fail) After Eric's Ironman our biggest normal human accomplishment was rediscovering our talent to split a bottle of wine without getting hammered. Impressive stuff, clearly! Evidently the moral of the story is that, as much as in the confines of the basement we wish for a normal human existence, we would both fail miserably at such a thing. (well. if my failing I actually mean WINNING at ice cream and wine consumption that is!)
One month until Hyannis. Then we can both decompress for about a week, slosh around in barrels of beer and I can break out all things lactose. Sadly, until then we are both going to be the worst weekend party friends EVER... (I mean BEST! Who doesn't want to hang out with two people whose weekends revolve around long runs, prepping for long runs and recovering from damn long runs... Right?)


  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THE LEAGUE! I don't know what normal is...I just hang out with other runners all the time and then I don't have to be "normal" =)

  2. Isn't that a normal weekend? Long run, prepping, and recovering? It is here too....

  3. I see nothing abnormal at all about your life. What does that make me?? :)

  4. If having a life that doesn't revolve around long run prepping, running and recovery is normal, I don't want to be normal.

  5. What do people do with all their time if they don't run?