Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to display your prizes and merch!!

Once upon a time Eric pretty much won an Ironman and promptly threw his prizes and merch into a shoebox under his bed. FAIL!!!! Along came ME and because a: I'm fabulous b: prize abuse is not tolerated in my house and c: my Dad is a pro furniture builder, I solved this problem just in time for Christmas.
Now THAT is more like it!

And then.... I got jealous. My FEI horse finally won a Championship- If I had a dollar for very time that horse has been 2nd I have a lot of dollars. Anyway, he rocked it out this year and at 17 years old brought home the bacon. Bless his little fickle chestnut heart... Clearly, I wanted to hang his official victory photos and ribbon on my wall, dammit!!

This is mine. So snazzy. So pretty. So big!!!

I can't wait to collect my sweet Boston merch and bribe (ummm, or pay) my Dad to make me another sweet pimpin' shadowbox. YOU GUYS, YOU NEED TO GET ONE!!!
I wish I had one for every medal and pretty ribbon that I've ever won, but I don't have enough wall space (oh yes, I'm THAT awesome. *ahem*)


  1. I do love your shadow boxes! They look incredible. I'm thinking I could have my woodworking hubby make some for our major accomplishment races. ;)

  2. Those are awesome! Congrats on the horse win :-)

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  4. They are all pretty fabulous! I am lucky that Sara has her dad wrapped around her finger... ;-)

    1. You know I paid for those, right? As in real money? Sadly, this was not a favor for being the best daughter EVER (which is too bad really....) Smartass....

  5. Those are incredibly wonderful! Quite jealous!