Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Exciting News!

For a change my blog absence has little to do with "nothing" going on. The opposite is actually the case, I have SO much to report on that I've had a hard time putting it into coherent posts.
Luckily, coherency has rarely been important to me so why start now? (did I just make up the word coherency? awesome...)
Here is a quick update of my goings on, starting at the beginning. Expect some juicy details (or sweaty details, whatevs...) coming in the next days and weeks.
We all know Boston is looming on the relative horizon. My original goal was to stay fit and healthy and bang out a BQ there for next year, effectively making me a one hit wonder (or one marathon per year wonder but again- WHATEVS!) I changed my goal about a month ago because I have an intense desire to run Boston with "no pressure." However, my desire to BQ for 2014 nice and early is still there. How to do this logically (what?) reasonable (WHAT?) and injury free (WHAT WHAT?!?!?) presented a big problem for me.
 So I called in the the coolest experts around...
I really like doing everything that Eric and Andy do, so jumping on the TSA bandwagon seemed wise. And wise it is proving to be.

If nothing else I chose my own, seriously badass, zero percent body fat coach. (She is so ripped it puts me to SHAME. which is good, shame is the best motivator for me!) I really liked the coaches that the boys used but sometimes a girl needs to step out of the formidable shadows of the Ironmen and do her own thing, even if she is a copier! Coach Kelsey will be kicking my ass into the best shape ever this winter/spring/possibly the rest of my running life, UGH! (but UGH in a good way, for real.)  I'll talk a little more about my recent workouts soon but suffice it to say- there is cross training involved. OH NO!!!

And what's next on the agenda?

Full Marathon, Hopefully a solid BQ. February, 2013.

I'm feeling good about things. SO glad to have someone creating an amazing training plan for me so that I don't have to strugglebus thru it myself. Always nice to have an expert voice of reason to intercept my desire to over train like a complete idiot (who, me?!! yeah, me...)

I feel like this is a potential big step for me. I'm really excited to see what a little help will do for me in the fitness and injury department. (I take that back- I might need a LOT of help come to think of it.) Either way, I'm realy to work hard and see where the road takes me this time... 


  1. Yay! Kelsey is one of my good friends and an all-around kickass person! I'm so excited for you! She was my personal trainer last winter/spring and kicked my ass into one of the best shapes I've been in in a long while. Does she have you swimming? Hehe :-)

    1. No swimming, HAH!!! I let her know my feelings on that subject ;-) She is seriously badass- I think she's going to be an excellent coach for me and I'm really excited!

  2. Fabulous!!!! You are going to kick some major ass!

  3. Exciting! I hope you nail it and don't look back!

  4. Having a coach sounds great. Kick that serious ass!

  5. How exciting!! Sounds like a great plan! So Jealous you have a coach! ;) Good luck!

  6. Fuuuuuck... My whole plan was for you to over train for Boston so I could kick your ass... Back to the drawing board I guess... *puts down beer* Oh fuck... *picks up beer*

  7. Found your blog via Run With Kate :) Looking forward to following along! So cool that you found a coach you like!

  8. Go Girl! You are amazing! I will be reading and taking notes--cause someday I will actually run a wee bit faster than I do now--which is just short of a fast walk!