Sunday, November 25, 2012

Myles Standish Marathon Relay: Part TWO (FINALLY!!)

Hmmm so where did I leave off?
I had just run into transition, passed the legit baton to Eric and proceeded to cough up lung chunks for 90 minutes.
I enjoyed the guesses that I immediately succumbed to pneumonia (I did not) or that we ran over Eric and/or Evan with the car (we did not!!)
Here is what actually transpired:
The family and I hopped back into the car to start trying to navigate to the next transition to see Eric run thru. Many of the roads that should have been open to us (according to the official map) were mysteriously closed so we, along with everyone else, was told to make our way thru the course. This would have been cool except nobody would move. We basically had to turn into assholes to go anywhere...
Due to this epic traffic backup this happened much earlier than we had expected:

Who could this be??
And Dink McDinkerson in the striped socks. And runners running on ALL sides of the road. Brilliant.

Eric was motoring along. We helpfully yelled "WHOO HOOOO!!!" and passed him a Gu out of the window.
We made it to the next transition, which was a random 3 mile stretch of road. We parked, I coughed some more and we waited. Not for long!
I tried and failed to take pics with the lens cap on- DUH. Eric asked for another Gu and Even grabbed one and went flying off after him. It was pretty awesome.

"Sara You have the lens cap ON!!!" (I did)
"Evan can you get me a Gu???!!!!!"

Evan said "DON'T STOP, I'LL CATCH YOU!!!!!"
Much running was involved...

We made our way towards the final transition where Evan was going to take over for the last 5.2 miles. It was no easy task getting there. We overtook Eric and took 400 pictures of him (lucky) and kinda drove along him with nowhere to go for quite some time. Again, the topic of him beating us to transition was brought up... Honestly, we saw him a LOT. I did not mind this because I like him but jeesh, miles and miles of serious stalking!

There he is AGAIN!!!
It's like we were stalking him or something.
Or still stuck in retardo traffic...

We did finally make it with about 20 minutes to spare (some good driving and navigating thanks to the family!) We spent a few minutes snacking, looking around and trying to get a feel for how many teams were ahead of us (lots.. JERKS!) Evan warmed up a little saying absurd things like "my asthma is acting up" which clearly does not affect his fabulocity in the least! Gosh!

Getting ready! Waiting for it!!! Freezing! Coughing!
Seriously considering trying to trip up the competition...

One last check of the sweet kicks...
And yeah, I actually ended up tying them because Evan fails at tying. He admits this.

Yes, we are related. I'm standing in a hole, that's why he looks tall (ahem, ahem..)

Evan and Annie! So cute!!!
Right on schedule Eric came cruising down the little hill which concluded his 11 and something miles over a mountain. Lucky man...

Here comes Eric into the transition!
He lest Dink McDinkerson in the dust, thank heavens..

"No YOU take it!!" NO, YOU TAKE IT!!!!"
"FINE! I'll TAKE IT!!!!"

And Evan flies off, faster than a speeding bullet!!

Damn kid is fast. Glad he was on our team...

Eric was good. He had kept up a solid and consistent pace, despite the serious hills he encountered. We all piled BACK into the car and very easily made it to (almost) the finish. Then we got stuck in traffic for 20 minutes as the finish was in a shopping mall and traffic was all effed because of the race. It was a tad messy. However, in the end we made it to the finish where I had more family waiting- YAY! Evan was so fast that we completely missed his finish because we suck. Whoops! He averaged something absurd like a 6:40 pace, he passed at least 40 people and definitely was an amazing sprinting team anchor. Our official time was 3:33:32 which was amazingly close to a palindromic number! We were 14th out of the 3-5 person relay division which is pretty kickass.
We ate some snacks then went out for beer and lunch with my family to celebrate.
So overall, a fun time! Some health issues, some traffic issues but in the end we did quite well and made a great team.

Victory! Race medals for ALL!!!

In the end, we might be a Special Kind Of Stupid but we are also awesome.
And cute, heehee love those boys!
And we're fast too!
Can't wait to do it again... And THAT is a Special Kind Of Stupid for SURE!!


  1. FINALLY! I've been waiting for this. So happy for all of you. Poor Eric having to do the mountain. Ugh. And I'm sorry you were so sick. Yuck!

  2. Awesome recap, and hope you feel better soon!!

  3. What make Dink McDinkerson a dink???! Or did I miss that?

  4. Fun! I think a relay would be a great experience some day....a long time from now.