Friday, November 16, 2012

Marathon Relay Preview (or, how NOT to prep for a race..)

This weekend is sneaking up on me in a big way. I had planned to be back to 100% excellent health by now and feeling really good about kicking this Marathon relay in the teeth. Truth be told, when we signed up for this madness a few weeks ago I was thinking that we were on the right track to really rock this shit out.
Pretty excited to get this kid onto the team even thought it means we have to compete in the youngest age group. That's just weird....!

There's Evan, flying by in the yellow shirt.
He's FAST and has been running like crazy this Fall.
I figured that he's have no problem running crazy fast, like 7:30 kinda fast...

Here I am.
We all know I'm so fast that it is stunning (ahem, ahem)
My thought was that even if I ran a 13 mile leg that I could manage a 7:40ish pace no problem...

And here is Eric.
Not only is he a frigging Ironman but he suddenly has some serious speed as well!!
I thought he's nail some 7:40ish miles without breaking a sweat!
And he probably will...

We seem to be having some issues. I still have a very miserable chest cold going on and have only managed 2 miles this week. The good news is that my legs feel better than they have in months but sadly, that does not distract me from the lack of good breathing... I fear that I am not going to be able to pull off more than maybe 9 miles, at perhaps an 8:45 pace if we are lucky (I'm a hurting lady!!) Evan seems to be in the same boat. His allergies and asthma have been off the hook lately so he's not feeling 100%. Since he is a kid, and basically insane he might slow down a little (and we'll let him, that's legit...) I'm anticipating that his need for oxygen might slow his pace a bit as well.
Eric seems to have recovered well from his plague, and I think he's going to be carrying the team. He went out for an "easy" run yesterday and pretty much killed it with some numbers that did NOT look easy... So he's the anchor for sure! (No pressure, no pressure.)
We're heading to Mass tomorrow and if nothing else there is going to be an epic celebration of family fabulocity and that is worth the trip. It will make up for the fact that we won't be done with the damn race until 3PM on Sunday (with an 8AM start... DOOM!!!!)
Wish us luck. Actually, wish Eric luck. Evan and I are going to let him do all the running while we sit in the warm car coughing!


  1. Oh gosh... *I* am the one you are counting on? Me of 4 miles in the last 10 days? May God have mercy on our (running) souls... :-P

  2. You all are racing addicts!!!! You make me look lazy!!!!!