Saturday, November 10, 2012

In which I have a nasty plague...

After the Half Last weekend I had plans to do about 40 miles this week, which would bring me back to some almost "normal" mileage post MDI. 
Somewhere in the chaos of life I seem to have forgotten that November was supposed to be my lazy recovery month. I planned to do weeks that maxed out at 20, maybe cross train (probably not) and basically just let the old bod heal and concentrate on getting fat and out of shape,
Per the norm, and despite the fact that I had felt a little run down for weeks I forgot that that was the master plan. I am straight up challenged sometimes...
And then I got sick. Like, nasty sick with a pretty awful cold. I spent the first day of this virus of doom in full on misery. Aches and chills, the worst sore throat I have had in years and a gross runny nose. The next day I felt better and totally overdid it because that's how I roll. And today I awoke about 100% sicker, with a dry hacking cough and laryngitis. So Awesome...
So I'm getting my lazy week in after all!

My Birthday is next weekend! Send me gifts! I love my birthday and am especially glad to see this one as I'm going to be 33 which is a palindromic number. I was having a bit of trouble deciding what to do until, prompted by some ominous threats to take me out club hopping I made a wise choice!

Yeah, a race... Big Shock I know!


Eric, my super big pimpin cousin Evan and I are going to turn it into the coolest most badass relay ever. I'm seriously so excited and absolutely can't wait! (sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me and then I remember nothing! I'm just so super cool....!) I'll be excited to go out club hopping, dancing and taking shots off hot boys bodies some other time. (rolls eyes, slightly...) For my own national Holiday, this is clearly the way to go!Gonna try to recover from this bubonic plague the best I can in hopes to sneak a few miles in by Sunday. If nothing else I hope to feel refreshed? I suspect I should have taken some lazy time that did not involve germs/hacking up lungs for optimal effects but this will just have to do!

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