Sunday, December 16, 2012

My favorite favorites of 2012...

I had a blog all ready to drop on Friday around Noon. One of my merry, silly ramblings about a variety of asinine things.
While I sat in the chair at the dentist waiting to have a renegade wisdom tooth yanked, the nurse came in looking horrified. "There was just a massive school shooting" he said "of kindergartners..." I was aghast and had no words.... He mentioned that his daughters were in school at that moment, in kindergarten and 2nd grade. I could see that he wanted nothing more than to run out the door straight to them, and it was heartbreaking.
Needless to say, I decided to put the emergency brake on my lighthearted post...

Now that a couple days have gone by I've decided to jump ahead a little in my best of/worst of series. (I was saving this post for last...)  No, I don't have kids but I have a wonderful family and the very best of friends. I'm thankful for them every day and huge horrible tragedies make me shut up and reflect on how very, very lucky I am.

My favorite moment/s from 2012 ALL have to do with my truly wonderful acquaintances.
Some of you I've known forever, and some only for a short time.
And you all are the absolute freaking best...
Clearly, THE BEST of 2012 was spending time with my family and friends. (running. and eating. hah)
Here are a few good moments...

Angie has been my best friend for 20 years (scary!)
A year ago, if you had told me we'd be running a 10K together I'd have laughed!
She got out there this year and kicked some serious ass.
I'm so excited to become an Auntie to her first baby, due to arrive in March!
(he's bound to be an amazing runner too, since he tagged along for several races last summer!)
I named her Baby "Baby Blue Sara Bradley Is Awesome Craib" Yeah, I did.

Everyone needs a friend to make terrible choices with.
Thanks Danielle! We LOVE RUNNING! At 4 AM... Around lakes. Especially on trails...
 Sad to have temporarily lost my partner in crime.... Excited to meet Christian Gray Sterling in May.
I have named Danielle's Baby too, lucky her.

Apparently I talked the WHOLE TOWN into running this year...
I ran by myself for SO LONG and NEVER want to again!
Our crazy group of super fast people was the best!

My Sister and my DAD!!!
I love that they both dusted off their shoes and ran a bunch of races this year.
It's clearly a genetic problem. As is looking fabulous, duh...

It was not a solitary running season by any means.
My favorite thing is saying "so, there's a little race this weekend.." And having ALL the people show up!

Yes, running is important.
But so is eating EVERYTHING and taking pics for daily mile and facebook
If pics don't show up on the interwebs then it didn't happen.

And yes, more friends and more eating.
Pasta, cookies, bread, more bread, more cookies, I like these people

My favorite boys!!!
At the end of a great race, at the end of what was quite a year...


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  2. *Insert mushy lovey-dovey comment here* ;-)

    1. Wow Eric, that gets an "A" for effort...?? HAH!!! <3

  3. I love that your favorite favorites is all about friends!!!

  4. so many great races. It's clear how much you love to run by the smile on your face--beaming! 2013 is sure to be purely excellent for you. And yes, friends are the bomb.