Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Portland Brewer’s Holiday Dash 5K, Last race of 2012!

It's hard to believe that the end of the 2012 running season is here.
The whole Herd (more or less) braved the COLD (19 degree) weather and impending snowstorm on Sunday to sneak in one last race, plus a few pints of beer before the Holiday's are officially here!
Yes, we froze. It was straight up stupid.

The shorts are simply inexplicable...
See how I'm dressed?
Hat/Scarf/Coat?? That was the way to go. Silly boys...

I had been sternly warned by several important people to run smart and not be a damn idiot. This is a very challenging concept for me to wrap my head around so I concocted an excellent plan. And by excellent I actually mean terrible.
I told Brian (who has no patience for shenanigans) that I was going to run with him and talk his ear off about annoying things (like how amazing I am) the WHOLE TIME!!! (hehheh) I knew that he would absolutely love this because pesky chit chat is right up his alley...Needless to say when I told him my plan he gave me a look of darkness and threatened to throw me into the bay. Since he is 6'11" and kinda scary at times I aborted my faux mission immediately in favor of running with my matching socked exclusive dating partner.
Thanks a lot Brian. Thanks a lot... :-)
Just kidding Eric, don't get all grumpy!
We ran. It was cold. I was not an idiot although I wished to be. Finished in 24:14 or some such nonsense. Drank all the beers. Listened to the Ironmen/woman try to simultaneously talk themselves into and/or out of doing more Ironmanning. I think they should perhaps stick with Marathons as they do not take up your whole day and rarely do you spend 7 plus hours a day training. I can't wrap my head around that insanity AT ALL!
It was a good time. Can't wait to do more running with all these fun people in the 2013!


  1. Yeah... I was dying and you were all: "This is too easy. It is SO slow! This is dumb." -.-

  2. What's your first race of 2013? How many races did you do in 2012?

  3. What a great 5k time :) I want it ;) and I love your outfit. talking ears off while running - sounds like we should be running together :D