Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.. 2012 edition, episode TWO!

Today's edition of Best of/Worst of 2012 has to do with fashion.
I seriously got 3,256 shirts this year. 3,252 have already gone to Goodwill. World, you are welcome. 
Honestly, I don't expect decent shirts at races. And at 5K's I'd kinda rather that they gave all the money to the charity and spared me the trip to the thrift shop (just sayin'...) I have come to expect the hideous, the heinous and the poorly fitting. I have made my pics, it is official!

As usual Beach To Beacon gave a solid shirt. I wear it all the time as I did with last years shirt and it is possibly my favorite part of that race (I'm a Debbie Downer about Beach To Beacon. I'm the only person in the world who doesn't love it and think it's the best thing ever, Oh well.)

Anyway. Onto my Best and Worst Race shirt fashion moments from 2012.
Photographed by my excellent exclusive dating partner, who is lucky enough to get to help with my blog. Every man's dream right there...

Would you look at THIS!
Gave a damn good shirt. Figures...
I never wear this shirt running but put it on pretty much every day when I get home from work.
Actually. This outfit is almost exactly what I put on at the end of every day.
Lucky my boyfriend. 

And the oddities continue!
BEST RACE EVER (MDI) Gave out this TENT that sleeps 8.
Wow, this is a ladies XS. It goes down to my knees, no lie. IT IS THE WORST.

Seriously. WTF?
A study in why 5K races should just cease and desist with the ghastly shirts.
Furry Friends 5k, humanity wants you to never give shirts again.

My Dog is ready to climb up in this enormous shirt, from the looks of things.
But he's too scared of the fire hazard material and blinding hue.
I love it, as you can see.

I kinda love this shirt!
Thank you All Women (and one lucky guy) Half!!!
It fits! It's cute! I have actually worn it in another race!!!!
On a side note. After being a champ and taking pictures for me and kindly loading them into the computer Eric settled down to do random Man Stuff (or so I thought.) I was over here at my computer, typing away when suddenly my computer went freaking nuts. Up on the screen popped: lerhekthve vkwehrv krvh!!! I was like "UH OH, WHAT IS THIS??" I tried to figure out if I had hit some catastrophic button to cause mass mayhem when the following words appeared "Eric is so sexy.. And he likes your boobs." Looking around I discovered that sneaky Eric had powered up a random wireless keyboard and was having a grand time effing with my head and my blog. HMMMPH! I laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes. Ahhhhhh, I'm so lucky!


  1. How funny that the worst race gave such a nice shirt and the best race gave such a tent. Hahahahah

  2. What can I say?!?! They are indeed fantastic! ;-)

  3. I complain all the time about race shirts! And I ran MDI a few years ago (agreed-BEST RACE EVER) and I also got a tent of a bright orange jacket. Appreciate that they do something besides technical shirts, but they need to learn that women runners need small sizes!

  4. Excellent! Love the shirt comparison--there really are bad ones out there (not to mention bad fits).

  5. Good joke on the computer! I like this post. I always opt not to buy the shirt when it is a choice. I did All Women one year and the shirt was nothing special. I am saving my shirts until I have enough for everyone in my class and then I am giving all my students one. They will be huge but they don't care.

  6. This is hilarious!!!! this year I can say most of the race shirt I got I can wear...not all but several!