Thursday, December 13, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... 2012 edition, the SWAG episode!!

YAY! PRIZES! (no, I'm not hosting a giveaway. calm down.)
I LOVE a good race medal! Truth is, I even like a terrible race medal. One would think that after years of equestrian life I might not be so excited over paltry prizes and merch but come on.... it never gets old to me!
I won a few things this year that made me shriek in joy. After murdering myself and running to 4th place in the 4 on the 4th I scored some sweet gift cards to Maine Running and New Balance, enough cash money to actually buy myself some fun shiny new things *dies in happiness* If I had been smart enough to check at the following races I would have won awesome age group prizes: Great Bay Half, Tri For a Cure 5K and (as we all know) MDI- where I won my AG and due to the low IQ after 26.2 didn't even think to check. And there for missed out on the chance to win the prettiest award ever. I'm still legit sad about this and might be until my dying day *insert too much drama HERE*
The award for the best Swag Bag by FAR goes to the Maine Half Marathon. SO MUCH STUFF. Sweet shirt, samples, coupons, odds and ends and (randomly) a can of baked beans which I certainly could do without. Aside from that I'm always excited to collect my sack of happiness from them and am sad that we are parting ways next year.

OK. Chit Chat over. Time to move on to my favorite (and least fav) prizes!
PS: It was tricky. I actually like ALL my merch from this year. for the most part anyways...

My Absolute favorite! The MDI Medal.
So gorgeous. So Big.
That's what she said.

The hard to photograph All Women's Half Medal.
So pretty! So heartshaped! LOVELOVE!

Quincy Half Medal.
Looks ok from here. But kinda cheezy in real life.
Take my word for it.
(Quincy also had HORRIBLE race shirts which would have been in the running for Worst Shirt had I not dropped it at Goodwill...)

Around the Lake Medal.
Well, it was my first marathon so it has meaning...?
I totally puked on it. (for real.)
But it's really really small. Itty Bitty. I wish for my prizes to be large, damnit.

Pineland 25K Cowbell.
COME ON! IT WAS 25K! Give me a freaking real bell...
It horrifies me whenever I lay my eyes on it. As you can see...



  1. Who took those AMAZING pictures?!?! They are fantastic! ;-)

  2. AHAHAHAH that damn cow bell. i think i lost it. maybe my dog ate it. also, i like baked beans :)

  3. LOVE this post. And your facial expressions. :) Great post series, I'm loving it!

  4. I am liking these posts. I love medals. Never pay extra for t shirts but I confess I paid for my medal at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. And it is a pretty one.