Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... 2012 edition!!

2012 was quite the year.
I ran about 47 races (or so it felt. I actually have no idea, perhaps I should count...?)
Some were awesome, some were horrid and a LOT were just little blips on my radar that I no longer even remember. (because clearly I'm too cool to be bothered with OMG so many boring races, haha..)
Since we are quickly getting into the Holiday season, and thus the year's end I have a few blogs planned to chat about the highs and lows.
Today's Episode!
ALL THE RACES. Well, a couple of them anyway.. What did I love? What did I HATE??
Read on to find out...
Around The Lake Marathon

Actually, that is a lie. If you want to pay my entry, buy me a sweet new outfit (plus shoes!) and pay for me to get down there then I'll do it. If you require that I run fast I require quite a bit of extra moolah though. Something about running a marathon in the middle of the night in the MIDDLE of the summer promotes death like agony, so I'll pass. Thanks. This was no fault of the race organizers, clearly. They ran the whole silly shebang just fine. However, this race is not for me...

MDI: The clear winner of BEST RACE!!!!

MDI is THE BEST FUNNEST MOST AMAZING. Do it. Take my word for it.
I expect that there will be a lot more people in the "start" picture next year and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Best Lesson Learned at: Tri for a cure 5K

And what lesson is THAT? I suck at fundraising. I absolutely CAN NOT run anymore races that require me to raise a certain amount of cash- I just can't do it then I pay the whole amount. And go broke. SUCKSUCKSUCK.
Color Me Rad

Call me Buzz Killington but I thought Color Me Rad was a silly, messy, VERY EXPENSIVE waste of time. At the time, I claimed that I would never do one again and this is a FACT. Spend that money on something, anything else!!!  And it was only 2.8 miles AND was untimed to add insult to injury. It was also horribly organized and total chaos and bedlam. And it was a disgusting mess. *grouchygrouchygrouchy*

Pineland. The race I swore to never do again.
But clearly will.

Pineland was a hilly, hilly nightmare. This is also where the shin shit of 2012 started. However.... They throw a damn good party, there is beer, food, cookies, friends and it is kinda fun to run thru the woods (for 5 minutes.) This one is already on my to-do list for 2013 because I'm straight up stupid.

Great Bay Half. My least favorite race, that became my most favorite race.

I am a fickle woman. That is all.
Sadly, GBH and I will not be reunited in 20136 because of this little race I have going on called the Boston Marathon. GBH actually kinda kicks ass if you can handle the hills. And there are good medals, beer and food. Notice a trend? Beer and Food are VERY VERY important to me!!
A runner up for me on the "best" list is the Maine Marathon- I ran the Half per the norm. Great race, very organized, so much fun (terrible weather) Sadly, not on the list for 2013 because of other TBA plans!

So there you have it, my expert and very legit list of my favorite (and least fav) races from 2012. Stay tuned for the next episode of my end-of-the-year recap!


  1. I like this summary. I'm kind of glad you thought the color run was the stupidest race ever. I'm having a hard time explaining to my friends why it is that I don't think I want to spend money on that one. I feel validated with your assessment of it!

  2. Love your race list. Looking forward to your year recap!

  3. Danielle is in fact everywhere you go! One of you is stalking the other. I am just not sure who is stalking who... Maybe you are both stalking each other! It's like hiring 2 PI's to follow each other. :-P

  4. Dear Eric, SHE is stalking ME! I did all the races before she did (insert evil laugh here bwahahahaha). I'm so scary.
    I will In fact be doing none of those races next year....wait, lying. MDI FOREVER EVERY YEAR!! great bay and pineland will be 2014 unless I'm pregnant again hehe. And I think I might need redemption on that stupid loop barring suckfest. Smart life choices: 0.

  5. Have you done Vermont City Marathon? Put it on your to do list. I didn't love the Maine Marathon when I did it. Do want to do Mt. Desert Island at some point. Is there a half? I suck at fund raising and don't really do any races that require a lot. Have you ever done the Pumpkin Triathon or something like that in Maine? I've never heard of Color Me Rad.