Monday, December 10, 2012

A study in my coordination.....

On December 1st I started working with my excellent kick ass coach.
On December 1st I also managed to take one stupid lousy step and pretty much turn my ankle over in the worst possible way. Yeah, I totally did. My coordination is the subject of much talk...
It took me a couple of days to realize that I needed to be more attentive to the little Achilles problem and up to that time (Friday) I continued to work out. Friday was a moderate shit show. I was legit gimpy and pretty damn unhappy....
FREEZING COLD LONG RUN. Go away winter, go away.

Thinking back, I know I had a recovery run last Saturday (the 1st) a run with fast intervals on Sunday, an 8 miler (I think?) on Monday that included a 1 mile speed trial.
Sad to say that I couldn't do better than a 6:44. Oh well..
Tuesday was a rest day and Wednesday I went to (WAIT for it) SPIN CLASS.
And the world tips on its axis.
If there is one thing I dislike and try to avoid it is group exercise classes.  90% of the time they seem to consist of "whoo girls." You know: "ARE WE HAVING FUN??" to which the response is "WHOOO!!!" This makes me vomitous as I wish to have fun after working out, after getting my ass royally kicked. If I have fun while working out I'm often dissatisfied. Bottom line, I am a righteous asshole. Who also wants to have sweaty, stinky, miserable, tormential workouts- NOT fun dancing silly get-ya-club-music-on kinda crapola.
The moral of the story is that this was NO Whoo Girl class and I got my hat handed to me. I was the worst in the class by a very considerable margin and since this is unacceptable to me I plan to work hard (in order to be THE BEST. DUH.) The good news is that I did not fall off my bike, which seemed like a very real possibility.....
My legs felt strange for the rest of the week. Not sore. But very, very strange like they belonged to someone else. I was bewildered.
I had a 6 miler the following day which was when I realized that I was more wounded than I had originally thought. Coach Kelsey wisely forbade my long run. And she is secretly glad that I'm having a wisdom tooth out this week which will prevent me from running ALL the miles. (and this is no secret, she kinda came out and said it.) Poor Coach Kelsey. I'm a pain in the ass...
Oh, and somewhere in there was a very difficult strength/core day in which I managed to find out that ALL my muscles are weak. VERY WEAK!!!!

Sexy date night! YAY!!!

You all know that my exclusive dating partner and I know how to have fun. We run miles and/or get hurt and rock out in the most impressive socks ever. With my dog Lester who is the MOST adorable!

ERMAHGRD! We CAN be normal!!! With 5 inch heels on I am still that short. WTF??
We spent the weekend celebrating my Aunt's birthday down in Mass. We got dressed in non running attire (but let it be known that Eric DOES have compression socks on in that picture...) We drank wine, danced VERYVERY well and sang Bon Jovi. We are the coolest.

With our buddy Evan.
Yes, we all went on a run the following day.
Yes, we DID make his Dad pick us up so we could run point to point.
YES, that is ALL his poos Dad seems to do when we visit!!

What was it I said about being normal?
This happened.
This ALWAYS happens.
We are dead sexy. Eric needs to work on his creepy face a lot to be as awesome as us...

Anyway, we did indeed have a very decent 1 hour run on Sunday. My ankle felt a lot better and we kept up a totally decent pace. I'm really hoping to keep my idiot clumsiness to a minimum. I would love to be able to get all my workouts in with zero drama... We shall see what this week brings.


  1. You look so awesome all dressed up! I never ever dress up. Maybe someday I'll grow up! I'm like Eric and try to wear compression whenever I can. & yes, he definitely needs to work on his creepy face!

    1. Thank you!! I seriously love dressing up. It's because when I'm not being a gross disgusting runner, I'm a gross disgusting equestrian! So I like to bust out the girly outfits once in a while :-)

  2. I don't know what you are talking about! I am the creepiest EVER! We should totally have a runner gathering where we all go out someplace fancy and pretend to be normal and drink cocktails with umbrellas instead of all the Nuun!!

    Just sayi'

    1. You are indeed, the creepiest EVER. I like the idea of a non-running-runners-get-together. :-)
      I could tell you this since you are one room away but it's 2012 and his is how people communicate!

  3. the socks photo is toooooo cute

  4. hahaha, 5 inch heels? I would fall flat on my face! Love the pics!