Friday, June 15, 2012



By the skin of my teeth- in 19:59 but I WILL TAKE IT!!!
And this, after several epic declarations that there would be NO PR on this particular evening. Instead of my "normal" Wednesday 5K My Sister and I did the Twilight 5K. Bottom line, it's a great race and we have had several family members and close friends loose their battles with cancer in the past two years so supporting this cause means a lot to us.
But. It's a twisty, winding, narrow course with a freak staircase and a couple little hills. More of a challenge than scampering around back cove... Not PR friendly when you're chasing a fast time.

Before. Looking bright and non sweaty!

This was my sister's FIRST race since we ran that 4 miler together years ago. Since then she has had a pretty horrible series of back problems and has only just been able to return to running. So this was a big exciting day!

Bottom line, I had a good run. Not much more to say about that. I ran under the clock in 19:32 and since I started at the front of the pack I can't figure out where those extra seconds came from but who cares. It hardly shattered my Olympic non-dreams.
After I finished I ran back a ways and found the Sis who was still looking strong! We cruised along and she finished really well in just over 29:00- and since sub 30 was her goal she nailed it!

After: Looking bright and sweaty!

We should have stuck around for awards because I ended up being the 3rd overall woman and winning my age group. And, even better for my competitive nature, I snagged a top 10 overall placing with an 8th place finish. Um, hello? Who is this speed demon??
So definitely a solid race for both of us. I finally snagged the elusive sub 20 which makes me feel pretty legit. Not to mention the fact that I clearly looked super good doing it in my subtle and neutral outfit (look at us. it's like a genetic thing??) I'd say that my Sis is going to be afflicted with race-itis now that she's back into it and will be giving me a run for my money in the near future. We had fun!

Anyway... We drank a beer. High fived several times. Got chilly. And left to eat the biggest dinner ever because that's how we roll... The End.


  1. Woooootyeahhhhrightohhhhh! Yes, we basically killed it. So much fun!!!

  2. Yay! Congrats! You are a speed demon! Can you spare some of that talent for me?

  3. That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!

  4. Fab-u-lous! You are an inspiration, even in that day glo pink :) Run loud and proud!

  5. You ladies look way too good for having just run awesome races. Nice job both of you!

  6. You are a rock star! You better start sticking around for awards at every race you go to.