Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Crazy 5K Day

Damnit I hate 5K races!
And yet, I scooted back to Portland this week to amble around another silly 5K pain in my ass race.
Honestly, it's the only way I'm ever going to man up and do actual speed work. (evidently my Monday 6 mile tempo run @ 7:05 pace doesn't count.)

First of all, let's take a moment to reflect on the pic of the week.
I am not busting out a peace sign. I'm indicating that I'm the second place woman AGAIN. Time to speed it up woman, second place is the first looser!
I got picked on last week for my horrible race-face. So I upped my game and showboated, how do you like THAT haters??! (they will pick on me for something, regardless. you know who you are...)
Please note the dead sexy race garb. Looking good, looking good!

Managed another PR. 20:17
Hated my life!
I'm flying though, jeesh...

I was very happy that I snagged another PR because it didn't feel that awesome. Around mile 1.5 my head kind of said "well that was fun, let's stop now dumbass!" I had to talk myself into this one with my normal mantra of super encouraging words:
-suck it up and run faster you idiot
-if you can't manage 3 fast miles then you should hang up your damn shoes
and in the words of my (riding) coach:
-100% 100% of the time is the only acceptable option.
WTF? For realz? Like that's gonna happen!

BUT. I made it and was glad to stop. And then to start up again and run 8 more because I needed the damn miles! A car full of (what I assume were) High School kids (um, my target demographic?) honked and shouted "WE LOVE YOUR NEONNNNN" And I thank you, you don't wear an outfit like this to be demure and subtle... Snap!


  1. I just happen to enjoy all your outfits. I especially like the green calf sleeves. Mine are black. I think I need to step up my game though and be more colorful! But, I'm pretty sure I could have given you a run for your money on being the most colorful athletes in Portland on a Wednesday night. I should have taken a picture, but my cycling outfit involved baby blue and black cycling shorts, a black and pink jersey with gray arm warmers and black, white and red compression socks. It was quite the site!

  2. Another PR?! That is AWESOME!!

  3. Not to sound like a high school kid, but your neon is pretty kick ass.

  4. Excellent job and none of that nonsense about second is the first loser! That is so not what I keep telling my students!

  5. Great job, second place is incredible! Plus you already know I loved the outfit. Keep kicking butt and looking awesome while doing it :)