Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In which I run badly and ride well....

Last week was a very slow week in the running department in oh so many ways.
I timed it so that my light mileage week coincided with my epic Floridian vacation. The bonus was that when I returned home it was even warmer than Florida so it did not break my heart not to have a long run on the schedule.
By FAR, it was the lowest mileage week that I have had in months. It was odd. I was hoping that it would resolve my shin shit/calf crap but it did not. **big angry sigh!!**

I am back to it this week with a 13 already in the books. A 13 which could be more correctly logged in as a swim as it was raining that hard. Legit drowning out there, needed goggles in a big way. I need to get my lazy butt back into the speed work routine so I'm going to plunk around the Wednesday 5K again, breaking more land speed records. ...or NOT as the case may be.... And there is a weekend long run looming on the horizon giving me nightmares.

I did manage to do a few productive things last week.
Other than just lounging around being awesome per the norm.
Had a horse show and managed to get both my boys qualified for Regional finals! Ohhh yay!
Mr B also got his highest score ever, which is much more remarkable then it sounds. I should now tell a long sappy story about how my coach pretty much kicked my ass this spring and told me to have a little faith in myself... Um, yeah. Sometimes I go there... Who doesn't? But this is a story for another day.

At the show looking dead sexy with some of my BFF's!!

Mr Chauncy, who was very good as well!

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  1. Crazy. When I read the title I thought - oh she's biking now! Congrats on the good ride.........on your horse!