Thursday, June 21, 2012

In which I go on Vacation.

So last Thursday I ran that super speedy 5K and snagged another worlds worst pic. Look at my race number flapping all around crazy. The pin ripped out in the first mile and it was mayhem from then on. Man, I am an attractive and friendly looking lady..
Hey- you who keeps tagging these on Facebook! Oh, you know who you are...
We might be fighting. There will be payback.
Ok I'm not mad anymore. But GAHD, my running pics suck...

Then last Friday I ran 22 miles over hill and dale, on a fairly warm day and was actually very pleased with the whole run. It took a while- I think it was about 3:06, I drank 5 bottles of water and was given Cheetos at mile 12 by a friend who lives on my route (thanks Pat & Cassie!!) Those Cheetos made me happier than they should have... But, I felt good. Good mindset. Moderately crappy left shin/calf but that's the story of my life right now. Honestly though- it was my best long yet and I'd like to wrap it up and put it in my pocket. That wouldn't be awkward or anything..
I think I managed 51 miles for the week. 
After all that it was time to go on Vacation with my sis and BFF!!
We went to Sarasota and were very, very excited.
We were NOT excited to get up at 3 AM and the following texts reflect on what happenes to us when we have an ass early flight.  

Oh I'm sorry, We are 12. Or maybe 5...

I got up to run early every day, and saw this. And this is good.
All my running sucked though.
My running sucked worse than it has in YEARS!!!!
Thank heavens for low mileage weeks.

Thank heavens that after crap running there was THIS!
We went to the beach EVERY DAY!
We sat on the sand and looked at the lifeguards.
Winning. At. Life.

I'm a dork and I wear dorky hats.
So what.
And big orange earrings (only in Florida!!)

This pretty much says it.
Kickass vacation with kickass people.


  1. You are high as shit, because that race picture is AWESOME.

  2. Your race photo does NOT look bad at all. Also, I'm a fan of big dorky hats at the beach. :-)